Dr. Sultan's goal is to make real improvements in the lives of his patients, and he expects his patients to judge him based on the outcomes achieved.

Education – Not Medication

Our practice specializes in medical care of adults and children suffering from chronic illnesses. Typically, these problems are treated with drugs (sinuses with antihistamines, wheezing with inhalers and headaches with pain killers). This is a temporary fix; that’s how the sick get sicker. New research shows: If you are sick, there is always an underlying…

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Does Your Child Have Learning Problems?

More and more children are diagnosed as hyperactive or have learning disorders. At the present time, the usual form of treatment for these children lies heavily on drugs such as Ritalin which though have a calming affect, are also associated with unpleasant side effects. This form of treatment persists in spite of research which shows…

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Hay Fever

Hay fever is probably one the most common allergies. Basically, hay fever is an allergy of the nose and eyes. It is commonly associated with airborne pollens. However, it is also aggravated by numerous causes, such as house dust, feathers, house dust mite, chemical fumes, odors, molds, and animal dander. The time of the year…

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LDL LEVELS LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol is considered a “bad guy” – the cholesterol that clogs arteries. HDL (high density lipoprotein) cholesterol is the “good guy”. It is desirable to have LDL levels below 130 mg/dl (milligrams per deciliter of blood) while HDL should be above 35 mg/dl. LDL levels of 130-159 are borderline…

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Did You Know That …..

* Garlic kills germs and can come to the aid of cold symptoms? * Patients who sprain their necks get better and more complete recovery when bed rest is replaced by regular exercise? * Ounce for ounce, raw green peppers have 250 times as much vitamin C as oranges? * Exercising females who are lactating…

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