FAQs About Headaches And Migraines

FAQs About Headaches And Migraines

If you, like many other people, are suffering from headaches and migraines in St. Louis, MO you need to visit Dr. Tipu Sultan of Environmental Health & Allergy Center for a consultation. Now is the time to try to get to the cause of your problem. Through functional medicine, you can find the relief you are searching for.

Symptoms of a migraine headache

Migraines are somewhat unique among headaches in the symptoms they present. You may get an aura, which is what might be called an early warning symptom that starts before the headaches. Your vision is disrupted in various ways. It can be wavy lines, it can be half dark sight or shooting colors, but even when you blink or rub your eyes, it doesn't go away. You may become very sensitive to light and noise, requiring a darkened room. Nausea and vomiting are not uncommon. Most migraines will only affect one side of the head.

What are the major types of headaches?

Most headaches and migraines fall into three categories, one of which is migraines. The other two are tension headaches and cluster headaches. Tension headaches are very common, and the sensation is often described as a band squeezing your head. They usually affect both sides of the head and are not a throbbing pain but rather a steady one. Cluster headaches are severe and can either be multiple times in a day or in several day clusters and can even last for months and then go into remission. They typically are only located on one side of the head.    

What treatments are available for headaches and migraines?

Most treatment mostly relies on pain medication which takes care of the symptoms but does not deal with the causes or triggers of the headache. A holistic approach will try to deal with what may be causing the headaches. This means testing for allergies that may be the trigger. Chemical sensitivity is another potential cause. Dr. Sultan will also check for an imbalance of hormones, excessive yeast, and mineral deficiencies. By checking these, you may be able to get permanent relief.  

If your life is being disrupted by headaches and migraines in St. Louis, MO, it is time for a more holistic approach to pain.  A visit to Dr. Sultan at Environmental Health & Allergy Center can get you on the road to recovery. For an appointment, call the office at 314-921-5600.

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