What You Should Know About EHAC and Why You Should Choose Us!

Our practice is Environmental Medicine (aka Functional Medicine).

If you’re suffering from an illness or condition and are wondering if we can help, you should know: Most of our patients are sick – Our typical patient is an individual that suffers from one or more ailments and who, despite having been treated by specialists in multiple fields, is still sick and did not get satisfactory results. Many but not all of our patients are chronically ill. Check out our Success Stories to find past and current patients that might be dealing with the same symptoms as you. You are not alone!

Preventive Care

Not all of our patients are sick. They also come to us for Preventive Care because of our Integrated Medicine approach and Lifestyle Medicine. They want to optimize their health for long lasting results. This is the essence of Preventive Medicine.

Reason why people remain sick?

The major reason for the failure is that they were not addressing the underlying root causes. The most they had done was take medicines to merely suppress symptoms. This gets you nowhere but downhill!

Our approach

Our approach is different. It is an integrated approach and is patient centered. It is a personalized care-not one size fits all! We focus on identifying the underlying root causes and addressing them. The relief you get by treating the cause can't be duplicated by any other means. Read the stories of those who opted to address the cause, Success Stories. That's real Education-not Medication!

Our Approach is Broad – Although we can prescribe any medication you may need, we don’t like to. Our patients come to us because they want to identify and treat the root cause. They do not want to mask symptoms with medication. This brings real relief. Our patients reduce or eliminate their reliance on medication and eliminate potentially debilitating side effects of such medications. This is the essence of Functional Medicine.

Benefits of our Approach

1. Treating the root cause can optimize your health and offer you the following benefits:

2. It gets rid of your symptoms.

3. It gets rid of your drugs.

4. It markedly cuts down dependence on the medical system. This is how you save money.

5. It is cost effective and has no side effects. Imagine, how would you feel when there are no symptoms that are making you miserable and you don’t need to worry when to take the next pill and what about no side effects? This is real Empowerment. 

 Conditions we Treat

We treat many conditions – Allergies are just one of the conditions we treat. Other conditions we treat are sinus problems, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, migraines, digestive disorders, hypothyroidism (low thyroid), depression, ADHD, and autism to name a few. Here is a more comprehensive list of conditions we treat; Conditions We Treat. Each condition also contains success stories. These are testimonials from our patients about how we helped them to optimize their health. 

 Services we Provide

 The main basis of our practice is Functional Medicine that includes Comprehensive root cause analysis through Functional Assessment. Several treatment modalities are utilized including Functional Nutrition. For a comprehensive list please click here, Treatment Methods

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