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Condition Treated: Fibromyalgia, Syncope, Chest Pain
Initials: S. R.
Date: 09/08/98
Story: For approximately 8 months before I came to Dr. Sultan, I was breaking out in hives daily. I was very irritable and had severe headaches. After coming to see the doctor and receiving treatments, CET and Mold injections, Thyroid medicine, and Iron and Calcium, I have greatly improved. In a little over 4 months, all of these symptoms have disappeared and I feel wonderful. My family has also noticed that I am much more pleasant to be around. As I look back at how I felt in April, I can hardly believe that I was that miserable.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: This reminds me of the following story:  A zoo acquired a giraffe and put him in a ten feet high fence. The next day he was found wandering around. They put him back in his enclosure and raised the walls to 15 feet. The next day he was found to be out again. The zoo authorities raised the fence to 25 feet and again as usual he was found outside the fence. His neighbor a zebra asked him “how high they need to build the fence?” The giraffe responded, “they can raise it as high as they want as long as they keep the door open.”  It is not how many physicians you see; it is what is being done to treat the cause.  I admire Sharon’s persistence that even after 25 physicians she still did not give up. This is the quality of successful people-they never lose hope and never, never give up.

Condition Treated: Extreme Fatigue, Asthma
Initials: J. N.
Date: 01/16/02
Story: When Jeremy first started to see Dr. Sultan he was extremely fatigued as well as aches and pains in shoulders, leg, hips and back. His other symptoms were asthma of which he had since he was an infant. After 5 months of treatments, Jeremy no longer has any asthma attacks and has used an inhaler only once. What a change. After 10 magnesium IVs he no longer complains of any aches and pains anywhere. Although he still has some learning difficulties this, too is improving. Jeremy's overall condition is now at 90% and he feels great which has helped our household to be more at ease.  I have recommended Dr. Sultan to many people and recommend that he is an excellent doctor.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: Can you imagine 12 years old child fatigued and tired? They should be full of energy but hidden allergy is an important cause for fatigue. In his case allergy and mineral deficiency were responsible for fatigue and asthma. Taking care of these two things was instrumental in his case.

Condition Treated: Depression, Hearing Voices
Initials: G. D.
Date: 05/21/02
Story: Since coming to Dr. Sultan, I have had reduced anxiety and reduced depression. I hardly ever hear voices anymore. The doctor has helped me to fight Andropause (male menopause). The testosterone injections have really helped me to return to feeling normal again.  When I started seeing the doctor, I could barely sit still - my anxiety was so great. I now feel a whole lot better. This is something my psychiatrist was unable to fix. The medications he had me on were even undoubtedly part of the cause of my anxiety and Andropause. With the help of Dr. Sultan, I will try to get off the psych meds as soon as possible.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: Remember, depression is not Prozac deficiency. You need to find physical cause. In his case it happened to be male hormonal deficiency. Male hormones are essential for both physical and mental well-being. Male hormonal deficiency is an important cause for depression, anxiety, poor memory, poor concentration, mental fatigue and mood swings etc.

Condition Treated: Fibromyalgia, Low Thyroid
Initials: A. G.
Date: 07/11/03
Story: There has been improvement in energy level on 3 gr Armour Thyroid. Fatigue and muscle pain have also improved with diet and Diflucan. My clarity of thinking, coldness and moodiness have also improved. I haven't had a sinus infection in several months.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: Thyroid is not only important for energy production but it also affects each and every organ, each and every tissue, each and every cell and each and every reaction inside a cell. Therefore, it is important for optimum brain function. That is one reason she noticing improvement in her mental clarity.

Condition Treated: Dizziness, Tiredness, Asthma
Initials: D. F.
Date: 12/07/2000
Story: I have been ill since undergoing chemo therapy for breast cancer in 1994.  Specifically, I have had dizziness, blurred vision, severe muscle pain, memory loss, irritability and reactions to different medicines and foods.  Since coming here I have discovered allergies to foods and glycerin and low magnesium level.  Through treatment, these improved 90%.  I am continuing to improve daily.  Thank you for all of your help.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: Without nutritional deficiencies it is hard to get sick. Nutritional deficiencies can be triggering factor for allergies. Fixing nutritional deficiencies and treating allergies may be underlying your condition too.

Condition Treated: Asthma, Fatigue, Nasal Congestion
Initials: T. D.
Date: 12/07/2000
Story: Since I have been seeing Dr. Sultan and started allergy injections, I have been able to stop taking all other asthma medications which were causing other problems. I feel better and have a better outlook on life in general! I no longer wake up tired every morning and feel more productive at work. It is amazing how much better I feel and how many things I have missed the past 10-15 years that now seems to have been caused by medications I was taking to supposed to make me better. The side effects were growing and the conditions were getting worse. Now I feel I'm on the road to recovery! At times I really didn't see the connection with some of the tests or treatment. But I definitely see the results which are positive! Thanks to Dr. Sultan and his staff for giving my life back!
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: with sole dependence on medicines you cannot fix the problems. Moreover, any medicine can cause any number of side effects. It becomes hard to differentiate which symptoms are part of illness and which ones are side effects from medications. By treating the cause you don’t have to worry all about that. Now, you can worry about more productive things like your job, vacation trips and grandchildren.

Condition Treated: Headaches, Runny Nose, 24 years
Initials: S. M.
Date: 03/06/2000
Story: It seems as though I had been having headaches and a runny nose forever. I had gone to my regular doctor several years ago and he said I had allergies and put me on Claritin D. This helped but I never knew what the allergies were. My son has been going to Dr. Sultan for several years and had such a dramatic improvement that I decided I should see if I could be helped. It has been 3 months now and I feel so great. I know what my allergies are and how to better take care of myself with good eating habits. I am very thankful for the help.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: The key question is not-do medicines work but is: are they necessary? No, they are not necessary if you look for the cause! What medicines couldn’t fix in 24 years allergy treatment fixed it in three months. Remember, medicines cannot fix problems.

Condition Treated: Low Thyroid, Depression
Initials: D. B.
Date: 01/06/01
Story: I came into the office not feeling well at all, could hardly get up in the morning or function during the day. After coming to Dr. Sultan for only 3-1/2 months, I have more energy, a better outlook on life and feel much better during the day. I know I have more to go but I feel so much better now than I have in years.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: You never, never, never, give up! What is the big deal? You can get well if you look for the cause.

Condition Treated: Candidiasis Related Fatigue, Psoriasis, Pain in Muscles and Joints
Initials: T. A.
Date: 11/29/2000
Story: When I first presented to the doctor in May 2000, I felt a general overall achiness, as well as psoriasis so virulent it oftentimes bled. The testing and ensuing results showed Candida yeast present in my system.  Since my first visit I have made steady progress toward overall health. My general outlook on life is also improved. I believe in this approach to medicine.  Thank you, Doctor, for all you have done.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: Candida is one of the most important causes for psoriasis. The traditional point of view is that psoriasis has no cause. The treatment hovers around topical medication, steroids and immune-modulating (immuno-toxic) medicines. Treating Candida brought a dramatic relief.

Condition Treated: Water Logged, Feeling Fatigue
Initials: R.
Date: 08/15/2000
Story: When I first came here I was too tired to get even the smallest chores done around the house. I had gained 60 pounds in a very short time, I was very depressed and just couldn't function we mentally or physically. After taking my yeast and thyroid medication, I feel like a brand new person! I want to thank Dr. Tipu Sultan very, very much for taking the time to listen to my problems and help me feel better. You also have kind nurses working and making a person feel at home.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: low thyroid is an important cause for debilitating fatigue and weight gain. Many people suffer for years and the diagnosis of thyroid remains elusive. This is because physicians typically look at the lab values which may be within normal range and diagnosis is dismissed as labs are in normal range. They may be within normal limits but it may not be normal for you. That is why a detailed medical history is more valuable than just lab test. History combined with lab tests and a trial of thyroid medications ensures that we don’t miss any case of hypothyroidism.

Condition Treated: Asthma, Muscle Aches and Pains, Sinus Problems
Initials: S. H.
Date: 05/03/1997
Story: When I came to see Dr. Sultan I as at my wits end with traditional medical care. I had been through every conceivable test imaginable with no tangible results. I knew I wasn't feeling myself and my life had drastically changed. Since I've been coming the allergy clinic, there is a reason for my symptoms. I'm not crazy after all. Not only have I started feeling like myself again, but I am also getting an education on how to make my health better in lifestyle changes that can last a lifetime. I'm grateful that Dr. Sultan and his staff have taken their time and patience to give me back a life that is fulfilling and doing the things that I like to do and feel good while doing it. J
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: The key to success is “education, not medication.” And, medicines cannot fix the problem. Patient needs to be educated as to causes of his or her illness, how they are affecting them and what to do. Once that is laid out you are bound to get well.

Condition Treated: Allergies, Thyroid, Candidiasis, Depression
Initials: A. V.
Date: 05/13/1997
Story: I came to see Dr. Sultan for my allergies, and found out my problems as well as causes. It took time to overcome my problems. I have seen Dr. Sultan for three years now and have been improving gradually.  My health over the years has improved. No more: Sinus colds, ear aches, clouded memory and fatigue. I quit taking over-the-counter drugs for my sinuses and headaches. I have more energy , more before any good day I had in the past. I have lost weight. My overall health is now great!
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: some patients recover much earlier than this while for others it takes three or more years to call it a success story. Remember, as general rule people don’t sick overnight and don’t get well overnight but they do get better. It might take a while.

Condition Treated: Spacey, Dizzy, Fatigue
Initials: D. S.
Date: 05/13/1997
Story: I don't feel spacey anymore or dizzy I feel 90% better than when I started coming here. I have energy at night to do housework. I just love how I feel now. I don't have the pain in my shoulders and neck any more I can concentrate better. I don't get mood swings after I eat anymore. I wish there was more doctors like Tipu Sultan. Thank you very much for all your help and understanding.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: How many people are having their professional lives and relationships ruined by cerebral symptoms such as poor memory, poor concentration, unable to think clearly, foggy thinking, mental fatigue, mood swings, depression and Anxiety etc.! Such patients are often put psychiatric medical wastebasket. Allergy and related problems are the most common causes for such cerebral symptoms. The reality is that physicians never think of looking in this area. The end result is people suffer needlessly. The solution is so simple when you treat the real causes.

Condition Treated: Candida
Initials: K. S.
Date: 06/18/1997
Story: When I came to Dr. Sultan 3 years ago, I had many symptoms association with Candida. Now I am 90% symptom free. It is amazing how Dr. Sultan's natural medicines combined with healthy diet can conquer these problems. If only more people would realize this treatment can help! I'm educating my children to start them on the right track and spreading the word to friends who have similar symptoms!
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: Education starts with a positive experience and at times it starts with a failure or set of failures. Most patients we see have seen several physicians prior to us. What is the key to success? If you just remember that most chronic illnesses result from Environmental, Nutritional, Dietary and Hormonal factors, you are least likely to go astray. You can prevent lots of aggravation, prevent misery and save lots of money. Solutions are practically always simple. Once you recover then it is your responsibility to assess family’s health. Educate them how they can improve quality of their health.

Condition Treated: Interstitial Cystitis
Initials: R. M.
Date: 07/20/1997
Story: Since seeing Dr. Sultan I feel I have gotten my life back. I had seen 7 different doctors who had done everything from a hysterectomy to experimental drugs to weekly DMSO treatments instilled through a catheter. When nothing resolved the pain, I was told it was all in my head. After being referred here, I have been pain free for 3 months. I was diagnosed with low thyroid and treated with magnesium injections for the IC. I feel great and am very glad I came.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: Interstitial cystitis is inflammation of inner lining of urinary bladder. Typically, who are you going to call? The urologist. If you have a bowel problem, who do you call? The gastroenterologist and it goes on and on. That is ok. However, if the specialist cannot find the cause who do you call? An Environmental allergist. Are you out of your mind- should I call an allergist for bladder problem? One very important lesson to learn from this history is that environmental factors can affect any organ-brain, gut, bladder, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system etc. and cause any number of symptoms. The second lesson to learn is that it is ok to consult a physician who specializes in a particular organ to rule out other causes. For heart problems you may want to consult a cardiologist, for digestive problems a gastroenterologist, for muscle and joint pain a rheumatologist etc. If a definite cause is not found or you are prescribed symptomatic treatment, it is good to seek out an Environmental Medicine physician. He can look the causes that the specialist is not trained to look at like environmental, nutritional and hormonal etc.

Condition Treated: Tiredness and Headache
Initials: R. T.
Date: 09/22/1997
Story: At the beginning (first visit) I was having severe headaches every day. Along with this problem I felt very run down (tired very easily). By the time I should leave for work I would be wore out. My knees felt stiff and the pain was the worst when I sat for a period of time and then tried to walk. After my first visit to Dr. Sultan, it was decided to concentrate on the headaches, find the cause and stop the headaches. This was accomplished by finding out my magnesium level was low. The next step was to address my being tired. By the initial exam it was believed my thyroid was not functioning properly. Proper tests and medication produced dramatic results.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: I am in awe that there are so simple solutions to complex medical problems. In his case only two things-magnesium and natural thyroid turned his life around. These elementary solutions have no commercial value. so they don’t get promoted.

Condition Treated: Hair Loss, Tiredness, Depression
Initials: T. D.
Date: 02/05/1998
Story: After being treated for the above problems for two months, I feel 100% better. It was good to have a doctor listen to m and help find what was wrong and not tell me it was just my age. In addition to the above, I had pains in legs and neck which I thought was arthritis. But Dr. Sultan found a magnesium deficiency and corrected that also.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: As compared to the last case symptoms are different but causes are the same- low thyroid and magnesium deficiency. You will repeatedly see the same theme as far as causes are concerned. However, manifestations can be quite different. One has to be diligent in recognizing many faces of low thyroid, magnesium deficiency and other causes of chronic illness.

Condition Treated: Tiredness, Weight Gain, Yeast Infections
Initials: J. M.
Date: 11/15/97
Story: Since coming to the clinic and getting treatment for my symptoms, my tiredness is virtually gone. I have lost weight and my yeast infections are virtually gone.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: the main component in here was yeast overgrowth. Suspect the cause early, treat it early and get the results relatively quickly. The case rested.

Condition Treated: Repeated Vaginal and Bladder Infections - 10 years
Initials: S. S.
Date: 11/18/98
Story: For 10 years I suffered from chronic bladder and yeast infections, sometimes 3 during a month. I also experienced other symptoms like tiredness a continuous "foggy" feeling and lack of concentration. I had been told by many different doctors that my recurrent infections were a result of my "anatomy". Dr. Sultan prescribed a diet change, cutting out all sugars, yeast and processed foods. Nystatin and allergy shots. After just 1 month of treatment, most of my symptoms are gone. I feel great!
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: Ten years of illness solved relatively easily-just by treating yeast overgrowth. It is not a matter of anatomy, it is a matter of understanding physiology. The yeast Candida is a normal inhabitant in the digestive tract and vagina. Its amount may increase from excessive consumption of sugars and carbohydrates or antibiotics or birth control pills. When the yeast overgrows it manifests itself in the form of yeast infections. Since urethra is nearby, it can inflame urethra predisposing women to repeated urinary infections. The treatment is not giving antibiotics but antifungals to control the yeast. That is what turned her around. Pretty amazing!

Condition Treated: Dizziness, Migraine Headaches, and On Nerve Medication
Initials: J. K.
Date: 12/10/98
Story: After going to Dr. Sultan since 06/25/98 for so many things that my regular doctors wouldn't bother talking to me about, Dr. Sultan and his staff have greatly helped my lifestyle. The treatments and consultations received from Dr. Sultan have given me back a better outlook toward my future, where, while I was very sick before coming to him, I had nothing to look forward to. My dizziness is now hardy anything to worry about. MY migraines are less and less. The nerve medication I have been on for over 12 years -- I have been reducing. I even had a recent discussion during an office visit with my psychiatrist about how much I have been feeling better due to Dr. Sultan. My doctor still thought that it would be a good idea for me to be on an antidepressant for a while. I said "No. Dr. Sultan is taking care of me and I don't want them. I'm trying to get off my meds."
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: It took her less than six months to turn around. Allergy and related problems are important cause for all sorts of physical and mental ailment. Here are three tack (nail) laws you should know: Tack law #1: if you are sitting on a tack, it takes lots of psychotherapy to make you feel. The same applies to antidepressants. Tack law #2: if you are sitting on two tacks, removing one does not result in 50% improvement. Tack law #3: if you are sitting on 5 tacks and even if you remove 4 tacks, darn thing still hurts! Moral: the answer is to remove the tacks and need for antidepressants and psychotherapy will go away.

Condition Treated: Frequent Colds, Stopped Up Nose, Irregular Breathing at Night, Poor Smell and Rash Over Aspect Elbows.
Initials: T. H.
Date: 12/16/1998
Story: Tessa was 2 years old when we noticed that she would breathe irregularly at night. As she grew older, she began speaking like she always had a cold. At first, we didn't pay much attention to those symptoms, but as she grew older the voice didn't sound as "cute". She was hard to understand on the telephone, she had to sleep propped up in bed, she woke up frequently every night which made her grumpy during the day. She also would make comments about not being able to smell things, and she would sometimes vomit after eating. Our pediatrician wasn't too concerned as none of these symptoms seemed to be severely affecting her health. However those of us that were with her daily knew that they were affecting her a great deal. We were very relieved to find Dr. Sultan through a friend's recommendation. He listened to our concerns even if it seemed insignificant. Six months after our first visit, Tessa gad found that she is allergic to dust, mold, and some foods (particularly dairy products). She had her adenoids removed and has weekly allergy shots. Now breathes, smells and --is doing well.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: It is not only that adult lives can be made miserable by allergies, equally children can be made very sick. This little girl could not sleep well at night and was afflicted by several other ailments. Treating allergy and removing adenoids resolved the problem. If allergy was suspected early and treated early - not six years later, it is quite probable she would not have had to go through surgery to remove adenoids. Remember, surgery is an admission of failure of medical treatment.

Condition Treated: Fatigue, Headaches, Reduction in Concentration and Memory, Pain/strong>
Initials: P. W.
Date: 01/05/99
Story: Near the end of September 1998, I was referred to Dr. Sultan by a friend, Dave A. He reported improvements in health from being very ill. I felt that a visit/consultation at ATC was "nothing to lose and possibly much to be gained" since I have been chronically ill for most all my adult life (endometriosis). I was very impressed with the Center's philosophy and practice concerning health as well as their unhurried thoroughness in testing and dialoguing with me. With the combination of Dr. Sultan's "prescription" for health (foods supplements, injections). My gynecologist's prescription (to control menstrual period pain and my making a major career change) I can report very happily that my health has from poor to excellent health
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: The purpose of these success stories is not promoting Dr. Sultan. The sole purpose is promoting the concept that there is nothing better and cheaper than treating the cause. We need to work at grass root level that when you get well you should go and tell your family and friends. There are numerous commercial sources that will promote symptomatic treatments but there are hardly any resources that will bring forth the knowledge that teaches you how to treat the cause.

Condition Treated: Sinus Problems, Fatigue, Muscle Aches and Pains
Initials: K. H.
Date: 06/24/97
Story: I used to stay on antibiotics all the time and often have yeast infections. I am no longer sick or have yeast infections since I take my allergy shots. My muscle aches do not exist anymore. It has also helped my tiredness. I am thankful that I a healthy again.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: The most common cause for respiratory infections is inhalant allergy (dust, mold, pollens, animal dander etc.) When the resulting infections are treated with antibiotics, it leads to yeast overgrowth. Yeast overgrowth can cause yeast infections and numerous other ailments. You can see how the sick get sicker with symptomatic treatment. Taking care of inhalant allergy and yeast overgrowth was the turning point for Kay.

Condition Treated: Fibromyalgia, Fatigue
Initials: S. S.
Date: 07/09/99
Story: It has been two years since I started treating myself using Dr. Sultan's Environmental Medicine approach. I believe my problems came about as a bad combination of long-term organic solvent exposures, peri-menopausal era of my life and an inherited tendency towards allergies. Over the past two years, Dr. Sultan's approach had helped me to eliminate a long standing Candida syndrome and I no longer need any treatment to maintain no symptoms. I was diagnosed with very low thyroid function and natural supplementation and magnesium has reduced the terrible burning pain in all my muscles and AT LAST I'm moving on to a regular exercise program. This in combination with hormone supplementation has taken me to a new level of recovered wellbeing. Last which should have been first (except I'm so whatever) I finally have energy to take on my biggest hurdle - my food sensitivities! P.S.: I was able to reduce my cholesterol from 280+ to 190 using natural supplements! No side effects!
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: Here the main causes were chemical sensitivity resulting from organic solvents, hormonal in the form of low female hormones and low thyroid, and allergy in the form of yeast overgrowth. People are often given a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. It is a garbage can diagnosis. Fibromyalgia means you hurt all over there is no injury or no cause to explain your pain and misery. That is not true. Most of fibromyalgia results from nutritional, hormonal deficiencies and allergy. Fix these causes and you say good-bye to aches and pain, chronic fatigue and other associated symptoms.

Condition Treated: Nasal Allergy, Headaches Blurred Vision, Loss of Concentration
Initials: M.
Date: 02/07/15
Story: I found Dr. Sultan's office after months of trying to figure out what was going on with me. My nose would not stop running. I couldn't breathe right, my vision would constantly blur and I had a hard time concentrating. After only a couple of months of treatment for Candida I felt back to my normal self. My vision improved, my headaches went away, I can concentrate again, and I can finally smell again. While I am still working on my nose clearing up completely, I can't thank Dr. Sultan and his amazing staff enough for their patience and understanding.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: N/A

Condition Treated: Acne, Low Thyroid
Initials: A. K.
Date: 01/08/15
Story: When I turned 19 I had acne really bad. I felt like I was back in junior high. I came to Dr. Sultan and the results from his treatment plan for me were far better and healthier than any dermatologist treatment I had received in the past. While receiving treatment for acne, Dr. Sultan discovered I had low thyroid. My hands and feet were so cold all the time and I just thought I had low blood pressure or something. After receiving thyroid medication, my hands and feet finally felt normal! I even noticed more energy from the results! I am very pleased with my acne free face, and lack of coldness/tiredness. Thanks, Dr. Sultan!
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: N/A

Condition Treated: Low Thyroid
Initials: R. W.
Date: 01/19/15
Story: My energy level is better and I'm less tired. My cold hands and feet aren't cold anymore.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: N/A

Condition Treated: Artificial Menopause (Post-Surgical Menopause)
Initials: N. H.
Date: 12/09/14
  1. I feel dramatically better within one to two days after hormone pellet implantation.
  2. I feel stronger, have a lot more energy.  I am more decisive and have more self-assurance.
  3. My fatigue is dramatically better with the hormones.  Sleep is better.
  4. I feel like my old self when the pellets are implanted.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: N/A

Condition Treated: Hyperactivity, Inability to Stay Awake, Drastic Mood Swings and Behavioral Problems, Anxiety
Initials: K. H.
Date: 11/16/05
Story: In May of 2004, my son Jack began treatment with Dr. Sultan. That was the best day of our entire family's life! Prior to this day, our child's life was completely out of control. Around the age of 2 our son began to experience severe hyperactivity, major temper tantrums, inability to follow directions, aggressiveness and an inability to sleep at night. As Jack grew older his sleep problems increased. He was now sleeping all afternoon. We were unable to wake him. He slept through school, allergy shots, even Disney World! Jack was diagnosed over the next 5 years as having Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity, Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder, Bi-Polar Disorder, and any other disorder known to man. After trying medications for all of these disorders to no avail, (Jack had severe reactions to most of the drugs), I began to go in a different direction. We had previously seen psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, pediatricians, allergists, sleep specialists, and a neurologist. No one was able to help our son. Dr. Sultan began treating Jack for severe food allergies and Candida. He also got treatment for seasonal allergies. Within 2 weeks, we began to see a different child. Jack woke up! Over the past 1-1/2 years, Jack has continued to improve, and he is currently controlling his symptoms through diet, supplements, and allergy injections. Jack is almost 9 years old and doing fantastic!
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: N/A

Condition Treated: Bloating, Constipation, Diarrhea
Initials: E. S.
Date: 12/06/05
Story: I came in thinking I had IBS and feeling like there was no way I would ever feel better I learned I had Candida and vitamin deficiencies. Now a few months later, with diet and supplements, I feel like I am alive again. I am no longer a slave to my pain. Thank you so much, Doctor Sultan and Staff, for fall your help and hard work.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: N/A

Condition Treated: Severe Fatigue, Body Aches
Initials: Aaron's mother (Aaron B)
Date: 08/30/05
Story: Aaron is 15 years old. He was sick from the 3rd day of birth. He was always very tired and slept all the time. He was very sick in the fall of the year every year, which affected his life at school. By the time he was in the 2nd half of 8th grade he had chronic sinusitis, constant diarrhea, body aches, food (dairy) sensitivities/allergy. He was so tired, he had to be home schooled. He was very, very hard to wake up when he was asleep, and also had insomnia. Aaron was diagnosed as being allergic to molds and dust, grass, cats, dairy and tobacco smoke. He is gluten intolerant. He has Candidiasis. He also has been diagnosed with low blood magnesium and low calcium. He has low thyroid function. he is better now! He goes to school and comes home with energy. He is happy and so much healthier. His symptoms are clear as long as he does what Dr. Sultan says. It is amazing.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: N/A

Condition Treated: Hypothyroidism
Initials: K. K
Date: 11/10/05
Story: My thyroid levels were tested by a traditional endocrinologist and found to be "slightly high", indicating low thyroid - however my symptoms were very disturbing to me: extreme fatigue, hair loss, mental confusion, depression, etc. I could barely function. The endocrinologist refuses to prescribe Armour Thyroid even though I requested it and instead gave me Synthroid. I did not find any relief from my symptoms with Synthroid. Dr. Sultan was willing to prescribe Armour Thyroid and almost immediately I started to feel better. I know that to feel my best, my thyroid levels should be on the low side. Most doctors only look at numbers - not symptoms. Dr. Sultan was willing to work on getting me top actually feel better, not just look good on paper.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: N/A

Condition Treated: Tourette's Syndrome and Nasal Allergies
Initials: M. S.
Date: 11/09/05
Story: Michael developed vocal tics in August 2000 and also displayed the allergic salute. A pediatric neurologist wanted to put Michael on Haldol to stop the tics. We researched and found Dr. Sultan. Michael was tested for allergies and we also took him or of dairy products. Within one week his tics had diminished by 75%! Michael still "tics" occasionally, but unless you asked him you'd never know he had Tourette's! Thank you, Dr. Sultan!!!
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: N/A

Condition Treated: Hypothyroidism
Initials: P. H.
Date: 11/12/05
Story: Several months ago, I came to Dr. Sultan with problems o constipation irregular periods, cold hands and feet. After some blood work we discovered a problem with my thyroid. I have been treated with Armour and it has shown a significant difference in the symptoms I mentioned above! We have done more blood work and my thyroid levels are where they should be. Another note - I recently went to my annual eye appointment and my eye doctor told me my eyes have improved due to my corrected thyroid.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: N/A

Condition Treated: Severe, Severe Migraine Headaches
Initials: D. H.
Date: 11/12/05
Story: I suffered from these headaches beginning in 1990. Started going to doctors, after doctors for help. Headaches got so bad that I had a standing spot with Christian Hospital for pain shots along with taking other medicine at home. The year 2000 I started coming to Dr. Sultan's office. Tested for allergy issues. Find out I was allergic to so many things that I was putting into my body like eggs, milk, wheat, soy, sugar and yeast. I went on allergy shots and with plenty of counseling along with other things that were done to help my headaches. Now I am pretty free of the migraine headaches by watching my diet and staying away from sugar and other things. I'm thankful to God and Sr. Sultan's office and staff for all their help.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: N/A

Condition Treated: Low Thyroid
Initials: P. K.
Date: 11/14/05
Story: I was experiencing extreme fatigue and mental fogginess. I was going to bed at 6:30 every evening and waking up tired the next morning. I wasn't very productive at work because I couldn't think through problems very well. My PCP doctor was not willing to treat me with thyroid medication because I tested in the "normal" range. Dr. Sultan was willing to test my response to Armour Thyroid and I am feeling remarkably better. I am doing well again at work and am energetic enough in the evenings to keep

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