DEDICATED TO FINDING THE CAUSE: Dr Sultan’s approach is very simple: "Find the cause and treat the cause – that’s how patients will actually get better"


Dr Sultan’s Practice Is Devoted to “Finding the Cause Of Illness and Treating the Cause.”

The most important point he emphasizes upon is “Education and not Medication” This has made it possible for thousands of patients to get well, real well and enjoy a level of health they didn’t think was possible. This was after everything our Modern Medicine had to offer had failed. In order to treat the cause it is essential that the patients be taught about what are the causes, how are they affecting them and what to do about them.

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What are causes of chronic illness? The answer is astoundingly simple and may surprise you: Most chronic illnesses result from environmental, nutritional, dietary and hormonal factors.That is it! This fact is not fully recognized in Medicine yet and that is why Medicine continues to insist upon treating the symptoms.



Dr Sultan is available to talk about causes of chronic illness to various groups. In his seminars Dr Sultan gives you an in depth understanding of the causes of illness and offers you practical solutions on how to improve your health.

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