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Environmental Health Center

Dr. Sultan began practicing medicine in the metropolitan St. Louis area in 1975 as a pediatrician.

Beginning in 1979 he incorporated Environmental Medicine into his practice and since then has been treating children and adults suffering from many chronic ailments.

Why did he switch from being a conventional physician to Environmental & functional medicine physician? This is an interesting story with a message for all, and lots of hope for those who feel helpless or hopeless, trapped in sickness mode.

Let’s listen to Dr. Sultan:

“This is not only my story, but it could also be your story. Lessons learned here could be life-changing for you too. because it is a different approach.  Please read it to the end. I started my practice in pediatrics in 1975. I was in good health. However, in 1977, I developed severe asthma. My physician put me on six different breathing medications.

Though I was in the medical field for 15 years at the time, the only thing I knew was to treat with medicines. That appeared quite natural to me. So, I did not question. However, that made me very sick. I was never taught that you could treat the cause, get better, and get rid of your medicines. Instead, in medical training, the emphasis has always been to treat symptoms. This persists to this date.  Millions of people are taking symptomatic medicines, ruining their lives and do not think that they are doing anything wrong. That is alarming. That is why, our most sincere advice to our patients is: Education; Not medication-educating about what the causes are, how are they affecting you and what to do about them.

Then, in 1979, by a stroke of good luck, I found out about the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM). AAEM is an organization of physicians who are interested in treating illnesses caused by environmental and related factors. Environmental means what you eat, drink, breathe and touch. They emphasize on treating the underlying causes. It intrigued me & I went to their conference and learned incredible things. I learned how to diagnose and treat environmental causes. To keep it short, when I figured out the triggers for my asthma, I got better. By continuing to treat the underlying causes, I am symptoms-free, and medicines-free since then-over forty-three years.”

Can you appreciate the benefits I am enjoying with this approach? Foremost, I am healthy and in robust health. Otherwise, it is quite possible that I would have been crippled or dead. Secondly, just not taking any of those six medicines for 43 years, I have saved over $200,000 on just the cost of medicines. Do the math, with a conservative expense of $400/month for forty-three years! This is the power of healing, and this is the power of savings thru treating the cause. It is important that healthcare be affordable. There is no other way we know that is more affordable than treating the cause

Dedicated To Finding The Cause

Since then, Dr. Sultan has dedicated his life to treating the underlying causes of chronic illness of all kinds. He has helped over 20,000 patients since then. Many of them very sick and had lost all hope of ever getting better. He attributes these successes to his approach of treating he cause. He credits many great teachers who showed him the path. Foremost on the list are Dr. Theron G. Randolph, Dr. William Rea, and Dr. Francis Waickman.  

Dr. Sultan’s goal is to make real improvements in the lives of his patients, and he expects his patients to judge him based on the outcomes achieved. Click here to see what his patients think.

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Dr. Tipu Sultan M.D. is Board Certified in Both Pediatrics and Environmental Medicine.

He is a:

He currently serves as the President of the American Board of Environmental Medicine, The International Board of Environmental Medicine, The International Board of Integrative and Environmental Medicine.

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