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Condition Treated: Allergic Rhinitis, Hay Fever, Chemical sensitivity
Initials: J.
Date: N/A
Story: I started my treatment with allergies with Dr. Sultan soon to be ten years ago in Collinsville in the fall of 1981. If you could have seen me that day ten years ago and see me now, you would not believe it is the same person.
I truly was a pathetic sight physically. I was wiping my nose and eyes so much that I carried a box of kleenex with me, my eyes were red and watery and I was drained physically. It was hard for me to do simple chores around the home. I was in such distress. I had so much trouble remembering things and couldn't cope with daily living. In other words, a basket case.
That changed. I started taking dust and mold injections weekly and after only a few weeks was feeling much better. Also started taking thyroid. It took time, but after awhile I had more energy, wasn't so sluggish.
Dr. Sultan suggested I purchase some books, "coping With Allergies", I started reading these books and found out ways to rid my house, garage, basement of chemicals and dust. I started using fragrance-free cosmetics. I started using Amway washing detergent. Covering my nose and mouth when using bleach, dusting the furniture frequently and running vacuum to rid my home of dust mites.
I cannot say enough about these books and highly recommend them to those who have allergies. It's our way to educate ourselves and to help us to become healthier people. I still refer to these books when something comes up that I don't know what to do. I am extremely sensitive to chemicals. Now that I know this, I never put gasoline in my car, I don't go outside when grass is being cut, don't go outside at all after 10:00 a.m. unless dire emergency. These are all ways I use to control the environment I live in.
Now that spring is here, I have another problem with the environment: grass and budding trees. I do not go outside when grass is being cut or go outside very often just to be in the outdoors, the sunshine, the beautiful flowers and budding trees, all of these have to be looked at only not smelled . I'm grateful I can see them from my window, I don't have to touch and smell them. One can enjoy the beauty from the inside looking out. I have found out the hard way with my allergies. I have educated myself through trial and error and experience is sill my best teacher.
All of us who suffer from chronic allergies must take responsibility for our own health if we ever want to become healthier individuals. I am truly grateful for my allergist, Dr. Sultan, and his staff, who have helped me so very much and taught me how to cope and have good health. They treat and teach and I'm glad I learned and am still learning ways to experience healthy living in an unhealthy environment.
Last November, Dr. had me take magnesium testing. He found I was 52% deficient in magnesium and started magnesium injections of 300 mg weekly. The first injection made me feel like I was 20 years old again, not so much vitality as tranquility. I couldn't wait for the next injection. I do have more energy and physical well being after being on magnesium injections for four months, plus taking magnesium complex daily.

After 10 years of being treated by you, Doctor, I am wondering what is left. Believe it or not, there is usually something else to be treated for. As an example, I am in the allergy testing room right now being tested for trees and grass.

Someone once said: Life is one darn thing after another. I can say that for individuals with chronic allergy disease, 10 years is a long time but I can say today it was worth every office visit (except for the finances) (just kidding), every injection, every allergy testing to feel this good or I'm saying great.

Dr. Sultan’s Comments: N/A

Condition Treated: Headaches, Runny Nose - 24 years’ duration
Initials: S. M.
Date: February 2000
Story: It seems as though I had been having headaches and a runny nose forever. I had gone to my regular doctor several years ago and he said I had allergies and put me on Claritin D. This helped, but I never knew what the allergies were. My son has been going to Dr. Sultan for several years and had such a dramatic improvement that I decided I should see if I could be helped. It has been 3 months now and I feel so great. I know what my allergies are and how to better take care of myself with good eating habits. I am very thankful for the help.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: N/A

Condition Treated: Dust & Mold, Pollen, Candida, Thyroid, Food Allergies Female Hormones
Initials: G. D.
Date: 05/15/91
Story: I came to Dr. Sultan over a year ago. I had many symptoms, such as bronchial asthma, recurrent vaginal yeast infections approximately 24 (once a month), itching and swelling of eyes (6 years), urinary tract infections for 7 years, fatigue, canker sores, gas and bloating for 1 year and headaches, also chest pains which turned out to be from food.
I had been to several doctors for my problems including a prior allergy doctor and no one could really get me well because they only treated the symptoms, not the cause. Dr. Sultan treats the cause.
Today, 05-15-91 - I feel great, I am taking allergy shots, watching my diet and doing what Dr. Sultan suggests I do. All my symptoms are gone except for slight asthma. Whenever I have been sick the Doc has been there to see me and immediately help me.
I have since had friends come over and now my mother. I tell people all the time about Dr. Sultan and his allergy treatment center and his staff has always been good to me. Whenever I have any problem of sickness or pain I consult with Dr. Sultan first and I know if he can't help me he will send me to someone who can. He is a very honest and caring Doctor. I would highly recommend anyone coming here.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: When she had multiple problems like this, doctor of the organ approach does not work. You need somebody who is able to look at the patient comprehensively from head to toe and make connections and figure out the reasons for all the symptoms. Once that is accomplished, recovery is quick.

Condition Treated: Asthma, Headaches, Nasal Allergy, Hay Fever
Initials: V. M.
Date: 05/12/92
Story: I first started coming November 1989. I have seen Doctors down in Georgia with no success. Dr. Sultan kept me on the medication I was on until I got used to the climate up here. With no success of my medication, Dr. Sultan suggested for me and my parents to believe in his testing, and his successes which started on July 5, 1990. At the end of all the testing I had the following problems: Candida, Dust and Mold, and Pollens. Since I've been taking my allergy injections, I have gone from seeing Dr. Sultan from once a month to every 4 months. I am thankful for being able to have met Dr. Sultan and his staff. He has made me feel like a real person instead of being sick all the time.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: The single most important cause for respiratory allergies is inhalant allergy like dust, molds and pollens etc. There are basically two methods of allergy testing-traditional allergy testing and serial dilution testing. Traditional allergy testing is typically very insensitive and misses a lot of allergies and cannot quantify allergy. On the other hand in serial dilution testing, multiple dilutions are tested which makes it more sensitive and also helps to pinpoint to the right treatment dose. Instead of taking injections for years to see a response, you can start seeing the response within a few injections like 4 or 5 injections and this is the point where recovery starts and need for medications minimized.

Condition Treated: Dust, Mold and Candida
Initials: R. S.
Date: 05/23/91
Story: Since starting injections four weeks ago, I have had major improvement from pressure around my eyes and headaches. I had discontinued Prozac, an antidepressant prescription that I had been taking for over three years. Also, the pain in my knees has been reduced to a trace.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: This again refers to the point I made in the last story that with serial dilution testing you come close to the treatment dose and it is just a matter of 4 or 5 injections to reach the maintenance dose and you can see the benefit of the allergy treatment which means clearing up all your symptoms, reducing the need for the medicines and reducing dependence on the medical system.

Condition Treated: Dust, Molds, and Pollens
Initials: T. M.
Date: 05/15/91
Story: My allergies began when I was a sophomore in high school. I did not know I had allergies. I kept getting worse each year. I have bought and tried every kind of old and new allergy medication available on the shelf without a prescription. Finally these didn't work anymore. I went to several medical doctors and they gave me prescriptions. These cleared up the infections, but I ran out of the prescription. I still had the same problem and got sick again. I still didn't realize I had allergies. The doctors I went to never told me that's what was wrong with me. After I got older and got married, I then went to an allergist, but they did not help me. I went to another allergist and took shots for a year. I still did not notice any difference. I was still to the point medicine and prescription drugs did not help. I could not stand being sick any longer. I looked through the yellow pages for a new allergist and the ad for Allergy Treatment Center caught my eye. I knew I needed someone to find my problem and treat my problem. So I made an appointment and had test done, and began allergy shots. After the third set of shots, I felt great. I have reached the maintenance, and I have not been sick once since then. I now go outside in the evenings and weekends. I am not too sick to enjoy the outside.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: These stories will repeatedly touch on the theme that medicines cannot fix the problem. This story again points to the fact that in traditional allergy testing which may consist of scratch testing or a similar form of testing it is not possible to come close to the treatment dose. That is why in traditional allergy testing people are started at very low dose and gradually build up which may take years together. On the other hand with serial dilution testing once you know the treatment dose it is just a matter of few injections to start feeling better. This is 3rd case in a row showing how quickly you can improve your allergy symptoms with the right immunotherapy.

Condition Treated: Stomach Cramping and Fatigue
Initials: C. M.
Date: 03/02/01
Story: I now have the ability to function somewhat normally as opposed to being confined to home and feeling sick all the time. I now have my Candida under control.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: Her main problem was the yeast overgrowth. It was causing her debilitating illness and just taking care of the yeast brought marked improvement. One of the manifestations that you may have yeast problem is digestive complaints such as constipation, diarrhea, gas, belching, bloating, indigestion and abdominal cramping. Mycotoxins absorbed from the gut can cause fatigue and many other symptoms. See how simple the solution was.

Condition Treated: Dust, Mold, Pollens, Candida, Thyroid, Iron
Initials: A. P.
Date: 05/16
Story: I now have the ability to function somewhat normally as opposed to being confined to home and feeling sick all the time. I now have my Candida under control.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: “I know that I can control the way I feel and live”. This is exactly the point of our emphasis on treating the underlying causes. Her problems were inhalant allergies, Candida, thyroid and iron deficiency. Right tests and right interventions are key to success. You do not need to stay stuck in your current status. The message is simple-do something about it.

Condition Treated: Dust, Mold, Candida, Thyroid, Iron
Initials: A. P.
Date: 05/16
Story: Everything is very much improved. My energy level has increased, and I feel much better.>
Everyone here is extremely pleasant. I even look forward to coming in for my shots.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: This case is pretty similar to the last case. The major problems in her case were inhalants, Candida and thyroid. Taking care of problems turned her life around.

Condition Treated: Dust, Molds, Pollens, Thyroid, Iron
Initials: B. B.
Date: 05/14/91
Story: Before seeing Dr. Sultan, I had developed bronchitis 3 times in one winter. Spring was a terrible season of constant sneezing and watering eyes.
After testing, I began treatment for Dust and Mold and Pollen allergies. I also began thyroid and iron for constant fatigue. My treatment has helped very much. I no longer sneeze or have itchy, watering eyes. My bronchitis has not returned. I have more energy even though I now have a more rigorous schedule.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: Remember for respiratory allergies the single most important cause is inhalant allergies like dust, molds and pollens. Taking care of these helped with her bronchitis and respiratory infections and she was able to breathe better. The single most important cause for chronic fatigue is low thyroid. If you are tired and don’t know why, you can do one very simple test yourself at home and take your body temperature under the arm with a glass thermometer. Put the thermometer under the arm for ten minutes and do it for a few days. If your temperature is below 97.8, it is very strongly suggestive that you should look into thyroid problem.

Condition Treated: Inhalants, Pollens, Candida, Thyroid, Iron, Digestive
Initials: L. E.
Date: 05/13/91
Story: In June of 1988, I came into Dr. Sultan's office as a last resort. I felt terrible and I thought I was going to die. My state of mind was depression, which wasn't like me. After much testing and a lot of patience, I am beginning to feel great. Before, my cough was so bad, I thought I would have to quit work and my social life was at a near stop.
I know it costs a lot, but health is so important. I don't even argue anymore about money on treatment. The results are remarkable. I'm beginning to have a different outlook on life now. Thanks to the treatment, I can have peace of mind knowing I'm okay.
I am grateful for the knowledge Dr. Sultan has on allergies. I had a dry cough and wheezing, post nasal drip, such fatigue, joint aches and pains, swelling, my eyes watered that I couldn't wear makeup. I had 30 lbs weight gain and I knew I had to do something. I have everything under control now except my weight. Now I can exercise because I have the energy and I feel good.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: We don’t people to come here as a last resort. This represents a typical case of neuroimmune disorders where the dominant symptoms are in the neuro area in the form of fatigue and depression and in the immune area in the form of respiratory allergies coughing, wheezing, difficulty in breathing, runny nose and stuffy nose. These can make you deathly ill but by treating the cause it is a breeze to get back to your normal level or health or even better.

Condition Treated: Candida, Thyroid, Magnesium, Inhalants
Initials: T. B.
Date: 04/29/91
Story: When I started coming here, I had trouble breathing. It is greatly improved, shortness of breath is greatly improved to a point of non-existence. My nerves have settled down and my headaches have stopped. I no longer have cold hands and feet, swelling has subsided, my bowels have come back to regular stability. My meals are much more enjoyable since the nervousness does not upset my system. My allergy shots take care of the problem I had with molds, hay and grass. The thyroid problem is greatly improved with the medication I take. The magnesium medication has done wonders, I feel stronger and not tired anymore. My Candida is under control. The picture in my chart needs to be replaced because I look much better now.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: For her respiratory problems we treated her with inhalant allergies that brought closure to one set of her problems, low thyroid and magnesium are very important causes for chronic fatigue and taking care of these two problems resolved the debilitating symptom of chronic fatigue. Candida is an important cause for neuro symptoms like depression, anxiety, poor memory, poor concentration, mood swings, irritability and mental fatigue etc. As a matter of fact, yeast overgrowth is the single most important cause for neuroimmune disorders. These are typically treated with antidepressants etc. If you treated the cause you can get off nerve medications and get off psychiatrist’s couches.

Condition Treated: Allergic Rhinitis & Frequent Respiratory Infections
Initials: Candis S by her father
Date: 05/19/92
Story: When I started coming here, I had trouble breathing. It is greatly improved, shortness of breath is greatly improved to a point of non-existence. My nerves have settled down and my headaches have stopped. I no longer have cold hands and feet, swelling has subsided, my bowels have come back to regular stability. My meals are much more enjoyable since the nervousness does not upset my system. My allergy shots take care of the problem I had with molds, hay and grass. The thyroid problem is greatly improved with the medication I take. The magnesium medication has done wonders, I feel stronger and not tired anymore. My Candida is under control. The picture in my chart needs to be replaced because I look much better now.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: This child presented with repeated respiratory and ear infections. Repeated respiratory and ear infections are among the most common presentation of allergies in children. Typically these are treated with antihistamines, decongestants and antibiotics. Antibiotics cause their own problem by increasing the amount of yeast and then yeast can become an important cause for respiratory symptoms causing inflammation and predisposing the mucous membrane of nose, sinuses and lungs to infections. To break the vicious circle we have to treat inhalant allergies and yeast overgrowth and this is all what it took to turn this child around.

Condition Treated: Frequent Respiratory Infections, Wheezing and Coughing
Initials: Kelci S' mother
Date: 05/19/92
Story: My daughter was always sick and was never feeling 100%. I brought her to see Dr. Sultan and she has improved 100%. She is a totally different child. She eats better, sleeps better and has not had to take medicine like she was.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: This case is pretty much similar to the previous case-a child with frequent respiratory infections, wheezing and coughing. The main treatment involved allergy testing by new method called serial dilution testing where you can find the treatment dose that is necessary to block the allergic reaction. Once the immunotherapy is started, the recovery is quick.

Condition Treated: Headaches, Fatigue, Muscle Pain
Initials: J. W.
Date: 05/19/92
Story: "From Death to Life"
When I came to Dr. Sultan in September of 1991, I felt like I wanted die! I suffered from severe headaches which required me to take pain killers (codeine) daily and I could not stay awake. I slept any chance I could get. I had suffered for 14 years and had been to numerous doctors, all of which could not help me. I was diagnosed with Candida and low thyroid. I received treatment for these conditions. J Today, I no longer take naps throughout the day and have energy to be a productive person. My headaches are much better and I do not take pain killers anymore. I feel the best I have in my entire life. Today I no longer survive life, I am thriving in life. Thank you, Dr. Sultan.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: What a dramatic statement “From Death to Life”. Allergy and related causes can make you so sick that you wish you rather be dead instead of alive. He suffered for 14 years and not even once he was ever suggested to look for the underlying causes. The only treatment offered was symptomatic treatment. It is crystal clear from cases like this that medicines cannot fix the problem. See how simple the solution was. He needed to be treated for yeast overgrowth and thyroid to bring a full recovery. Recovery is not difficult even if you are deathly ill. That’s why I say that it is 90% inspiration and 10% perspiration to turn your life around. Dr. Sultan’s comments: What a dramatic statement “from death to life”. Allergy and related causes can make you so sick that you wish you rather be dead instead of alive. He suffered for 14 years and not even once he was ever suggested to look for the underlying causes. The only treatment offered was symptomatic treatment. It is crystal clear from cases like this that medicines cannot fix the problem. See how simple the solution was. He needed to be treated for yeast overgrowth and thyroid to bring a full recovery. Recovery is not difficult even if you are deathly ill. That’s why I say that it is 90% inspiration and 10% perspiration to turn your life around.

Condition Treated: Dizziness, Arthritis, Depression
Initials: V. L.
Date: 04/05/92
Story: When I came to the Allergy Treatment Center, I could hardly function as a career person, mother, or wife.
I had been to 5 doctors last year and I'd feel better for a while then right back to the same thing. When I would return to the doctor, they would look puzzled. This was very frightening. I read a story in a magazine of a woman with the same story and I called the editor and got a phone number for the American Treatment Society in Colorado Springs and they referred me to Dr. Sultan.
After 2 months I feel alive and myself again and the people I work with and my family have all noticed. Thanks for a quality life again.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: Unfortunately we see lots of patients at the end of the road and seeking our help as the last resort. Through these stories I want to educate that you do not have to be deathly ill to seek the help that is needed. It means be aware and treat the underlying causes before they become debilitating. That is why I educate my patients that you should look in your family, friends and people you care about the most and see who are sick and who are taking medications. Teach them that medications cannot fix the problem and introduce them to the concept of treating the cause and treat it early. This is the roadmap for your recovery and decades of good health without medications.

Condition Treated: Candida, dust & Mold, Food Allergies, EFA, Iron and Vitamins
Initials: J. S.
Date: 04/05/92
Story: Jeff is only 9 years old, but during his short life, he's known a lot of sickness. As a baby and toddler he had frequent ear infections and upper respiratory infections. He's always had mood swings and tended toward "hyper" behavior. At age 5, he was hospitalized with bronchospasms and had several "asthmatic" type reactions during the next 2 years. Then he began to develop sinus infections and by age 8 was sick 8 months of the year. Eczema began to appear at that time and would often spread over large areas of his body. He was miserable. After allergy testing and treatment, Jeff is a totally different child. He is calmer, quieter, happier, less tired, better able to concentrate on his school work. The eczema is gone. He has only 2-3 colds a year and they don't seem to develop into the frequent infections that they used to. He can breathe freely and he enjoys jogging! He has fewer stomach aches and headaches and life is just "more fun"! Hooray! We are grateful to God for the healing that we see and to Dr. Sultan and his staff for unraveling the "mystery" of Jeff's ill health. Jeff has a brighter future because of a lot we've learned .... Thanks!
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: Look at this child who is 9-year-old and up until the age of 9 years he suffered and suffered and suffered. Besides this frequent respiratory symptoms and respiratory infection a dominant feature was “hyper” behavior with mood swings. This is again a typical case of neuroimmune disorders where the immune system as well as the nervous system is being affected. One of the complications of untreated respiratory allergies in children is development of hyperactivity, ADHD and ADD in later years. 30% of children are now classified as “mentally sick”. I assure you that none of them allergy has ever been suspected as a cause. The end result is these children end up with Ritalin or Ritalin type medications and don’t accomplish very much academically.

Condition Treated: Inhalants, Candida, and Pollens
Initials: Abigail D's mothe
Date: 08/17/91
Story: When we brought Abbey in she was constantly fatigued, irritable and felt poorly. This had been a life-long problem. Her school performance the first quarter was always confrontational. She received poor marks in self control and getting along with others. After treatment at the Allergy Treatment Center, in less than one month, Abbey is a different child. Her hay fever is under control, she is no longer fatigued or irritable. Her mood swings have stopped. She is a happy child finally. Her school behavior is fabulous for the first time since she began school. If only teachers and school nurses could understand the problems generated by allergies instead of labeling children as school phobia or hyperactive - or manipulative. Now that my daughter is feeling so well, they no longer complain she is any of these things. I would and do recommend Dr. Sultan to anyone who suffers from allergies. They do not need to feel poorly.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: Again this is a case of neuroimmune disorders and this child was sick from the very beginning. She presented with significant behavioral problems that were affecting her academics. One of her major problems was yeast overgrowth and once that was addressed. Within a month she showed dramatic improvement. I am repeatedly impressed with that by treating the cause how quickly people can improve.

Condition Treated: Foods, Candida, Minerals, Thyroid
Initials: M. W.
Date: 06/06/91
Story: When I first came to the Allergy Treatment Center I was ready to lay down and give up as I felt so ill and had seen so many, many different doctors. No one could seem to help me or do anything but treat the symptoms. I felt there had to be something wrong besides nerves as several doctors seemed so easy to use as a diagnosis. Since starting treatment with Dr. Sultan the severe stomach bloating, face, hand and feet swelling, severe muscle and joint pain, extreme fatigue, diarrhea/constipation, confusion and memory loss has, if not entirely disappeared, has greatly improved. I am beginning to think back and cannot believe that I was in such a physical shape. I just cannot believe the improvement in such a short, short time as I have suffered for almost 10 years!
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: One of the unfortunate teachings in the medical field is that if a patient comes with multiple complaints it is a “phonic” and easily put in psychiatric category. The reality is exactly the opposite. Dr. Theron G. Randolph, father of environmental medicine and my most esteemed physician taught me “the more symptoms a patient has, more sick he is!” doesn’t it make sense”. What a wonderful turnaround is for this patient from full desperation and willing to give up and suffering for ten years to a healthy robust health!

Condition Treated: Dust and Molds, Candida, Thyroid
Initials: D. L.
Date: 09/17/91
Story: Before coming to the Allergy Treatment Center I was constantly sick and never knew why. I always had hives, a constant headache, dizzy spells, very irritable, tired after 8-10 hours of sleep, had poor concentration and memory. After going to several different doctors, who never took the time to find out what was wrong but always had a cure, I came here to the Allergy Treatment Center. After just 2 visits I was feeling somewhat better and now after being on allergy treatments and finding the cause of my symptoms, I feel like a different person. I have a different outlook for my future because I know why I was feeling bad and hopeful I will not feel that way again.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: Look at what a wonderful turnaround and how quick the turnaround is. All you had to do was find the cause and hit right on the nail. Please teach your loved one’s that no matter how sick they are recovery is possible-only if you look for the underlying causes.

Condition Treated: Inhalants, Candida, Thyroid, Magnesium
Initials: K. T.
Date: 11/09/91
Story: One year ago I was feeling so bad that I thought there had to be something seriously wrong with me. I had constant fatigue, recurrent sinus infections (which medication would help only for a short time) and severe headaches. These problems were progressing to the point that I wasn't sure if I could continue to work full time as a counselor. Now, a year later, I am convinced I can be and will remain healthy. I have a renewed zest for life and look forward to each day. All of my symptoms have not completely vanished, however, I do feel they are manageable. I am feeling much better about every aspect of life. To Dr. Sultan and his wonderful staff, I say, "Thank you," for you have truly made a difference in my life!
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: This is interesting to know that Cathy is a counselor. One of the traditional teachings is that psychological problems should be managed through psychological techniques or nerve medications. This reminds us of Tack (nail) laws. Tack law No. 1 states that if you are sitting on a Tack it takes a lot of psychotherapy to make you feel good. Tack law No. 2 states that if you are sitting on two tacks, removing one does not result in 50% improvement. The key is that you take all the tacks out and then the patient is on his way to recovery.

Condition Treated: Candida, Magnesium, Thyroid, Female Hormones
Initials: J. K.
Date: 11/26/91
Story: When I first came to Dr. Sultan, I felt so lifeless and near death. I was welcomed by a most compassionate and helpful, smiling staff. In 4 months' time, my energy level, ability to think clearly, sleep soundly, and function well has improved tremendously. I can't sing or say enough praises for this hard working and dedicated staff headed by Dr. Sultan. My husband and family are very grateful also for someone who dug beneath the surface to find the underlying causes and correct them without reliance on medicines that only treat or mask - symptoms.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: It is so hard to see people like Joanna who have to seek help before they are deathly ill. Since the Managed Care has taken hold of most of our healthcare system, we are seeing now more and more sick people than we used to do before. The reason is simple. People stay with the Managed Care because they are given the impression that nothing is cheaper than Managed Care. The end result is that the people stay within system and nothing is far from truth that under Managed Care cost have risen tremendously. Symptomatic treatment is very often and very expensive in the long run. As sick get sicker more and more physicians are involved and more and more symptomatic therapies are involved and more to more medicines are involved and more and more hospitalizations are involved. The end result is that the health costs have skyrocketed. This is my open challenge to all my patients that if you know something that is better and cheaper than treating the cause, let me know and I will immediately change to that modality.

Condition Treated: Candida, Dust & Mold, Thyroid, May-June-July-August Pollens
Initials: M. C.
Date: 09/20/93
Story: When I first arrived for treatment, I was in fairly bad shape. I had been treated by another allergy doctor and was getting worse.
Dr. Sultan was able, in six months, to make me feel 100% better.
I feel that if I had not come to Dr. Sultan, I would still be suffering under the care of the other allergy specialist who had treated me for over three years with no results.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: There is a difference between traditional allergy approach and environmental approach. Traditional approach to allergies is looking at limited number of causes like dust, molds, pollens and animal dander etc. On the other hand environmental approach calls for looking at the patient’s total environment which can be inhalants, foods and chemicals and internal environment which consist of various nutrients like vitamin minerals and gut biome. When you pay attention to the total picture it becomes easy to treat the problem and the results are far superior.

Condition Treated: Sore Throats, Head Colds, and Earaches
Initials: E. L.
Date: 07/21/93
Story: Since receiving shots, I no longer have sore throats, head colds or earaches. I used to constantly have one or the other.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: You will repeatedly see that when inhalant allergies are treated by serial dilution testing the results are good and prompt.

Condition Treated: Dust and Molds, May-June Pollens, Candida
Initials: P. S.
Date: 07/13/93
Story: When I first visited ATC, I suffered from severe allergy problems to include daily coughing and sneezing attacks, headaches, dizziness and nausea. It was impossible to be outdoors and generally uncomfortable indoors. Following a thorough medical history evaluation, testing was conducted and treatment initiated. Relief was immediate, and one month later the difference is remarkable. I'm free from the coughing and sneezing fits, and the headaches, dizziness and nausea have likewise disappeared. Through a healthier diet, I am eating well and shedding a few unwanted pounds. I feel better, look better, and have been able to participate in more summer activities with my family.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: The best and the quick way to get relief from respiratory symptoms like runny nose, coughing, wheezing and difficulty in breathing is doing the allergy testing by serial dilution testing. It gives you the treatment dose which just takes a few injections to reach the maintenance dose and then symptoms clear up.

Condition Treated: Hypothyroidism/Candidiasis
Initials: R. B.
Date: 07/08/93
Story: I was a member of an HMO for many years prior to switching o Blue Cross. I was seen many times by them including an allergy specialist but my symptoms were never followed to the root cause. I received many courses of antibiotics, mostly inappropriate and actually contributing to my problems. My continued illness caused me to drop this HMO. Dr. Sultan and his staff have done a tremendous job in identifying and treating the underlying causes of my health problems. They have done the most thorough job I have encountered in taking m entire medical history and using this information in my treatment. I feel I have been included as an active member of treatment process and have had input and explanation every step of the way. The final result is that for the first time in years, I feel totally normal. I have energy levels I thought I would never see again. You have my heartfelt appreciation and thanks.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: One has to realize that the establishment of HMOs while having noble intentions, the actions have been absolutely the opposite. Lowering cost has come with lowering quality of medical care. This has resulted in symptomatic treatment which in the short run may be cheaper but in the long run as you become progressively more and more sick you pay more and more in medicines, physicians and hospitalizations etc. Under the current environment, if a physician has to treat the underlying causes he has to be out of network in order to make independent decisions. That’s the crux that we have been able to provide the needed medical care and not worry about what is on the list and what’s not on list.

Condition Treated: Underactive Thyroid (hypothyroidism) and Candidiasis
Initials: C. J.
Date: 07/08/93
Story: I came to Dr. Sultan after years of checking with other doctors with no success. My symptoms included: severe headaches, extreme fatigue, cold hands and feet, morning fatigue. This went on for about six years. My school attendance was very poor. I would feel good for about a week and then the symptoms would occur. After about a week of headaches and fatigue, I would improve. After seeing Dr. Sultan, he ran tests to see what my problem was. He diagnosed me as having an underactive thyroid and having Candidiasis. After about 2 months on thyroid pills and treatment for Candidiasis my symptoms improved greatly. Now 5 months later my symptoms are gone. I have more energy and very seldom have a headache.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: To least recognize causes of chronic illness are hypothyroidism and yeast overgrowth. The reason for missing low thyroid is that physician normally looks at the thyroid levels which can stay within the normal range even if your thyroid level has dropped significantly and you have been suffering. That is why just looking at the thyroid levels since they are normal and you have symptoms like fatigue, morning fatigue, being tired by the end of the day, feeling excessively cold, having cold hands and cold feet, dry skin and facial puffiness in the morning you may be told you look beautiful on paper. What is normal may not be normal for you. That’s why we recommend you to take basal temperatures under the arm for 10 minutes with a glass thermometer. Your normal temperature should be between 97.0 to 98.2. If you consistently have low temperature then it is strongly suggestive of low thyroid along with your symptoms of fatigue and tiredness and others mentioned above.

Condition Treated: Inhalants, Candida, Thyroid, Foods
Initials: A. S.
Date: 03/25/91
Story: Andy began showing several symptoms at 18 months -- he was tired and lethargic at times. Other times, he seemed hyper. He was irritable and threw temper tantrums - he had an insatiable appetite and often hungry even after he just ate. After he had antibiotics for repeated infections and bronchitis he was even sicker. He had a cough that just would not leave. Diarrhea was a frequent problem to the point of malabsorption - much gas, bloating and stomach aches. His normal body temperature was often very low - sometimes in the 95 and 96 degree range. After treatment for Candida and removal of offending foods, his memory, energy level, and hyper behavior improved. He went on a real growth spurt - mentally and physically. The temper tantrums and food cravings stopped. He functions normally in his preschool classroom and his teachers find it difficult to believe that he was ever hyper or lethargic. He made it through spring last year without his usual series of colds and infections. Body temps are closer to normal and he's had only one cold in the last 6 months. We are a grateful family.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: Some of the common symptoms of allergy in infancy can be fatigue, hyperactivity, irritability and temper tantrums. One has to be aware of to suspect allergy if even an infant is not behaving as expected. Excessive hunger is also a symptom of allergy and this is how people eat excessively and become overweight. Other common allergy symptoms in infants are respiratory symptoms like repeated infections, bronchitis, wheezing and difficulty in breathing. His digestive symptoms like diarrhea, gas, bloating and stomachaches is part of yeast overgrowth which so often accompanies use of antibiotics for repeated respiratory infections. The turning point in this child was taking care of inhalant allergies, candida and food allergies. Mother had made a really important observation that his temperatures are low and along with fatigue it pointed towards low thyroid. Thyroid also plays an important role in turning him around.

Condition Treated: Allergy, Candida, Dust and Mold Allergy
Initials: L. W.
Date: 03/27/91
Story: I started treatment in December 1989 with recurrent vaginal yeast infections for 5 years, depression, bronchial asthma. I have made vast improvements feeling better and happier than I have been in years. My itching and discharge has come close to non-existence.
Dr. Sultan’s Comments: It is interesting to turn around this patient all was needed was dust and mold allergy injections and treatment for overgro

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