When to Visit Our Holistic Doctor

When to Visit Our Holistic Doctor

Environmental Health Center and Dr. Sultan, MD can provide various types of holistic medicine and therapies to Missouri residents that can help manage multiple health issues. But if you don't know what a holistic doctor in Creve Coeur and St. Louis, MO, can do for you, it is important to know when you might want to visit one of these specialists.

When Your Current Treatment Isn't Working

Dr. Sultan, MD can provide you with holistic medicine when your current treatment isn't working or needs a little help. Holistic care is often designed as a supplement to traditional medical science and is a powerful way to help with many conditions. In this way, you can work with your primary caregiver and holistic therapists to get better therapeutic results. For example, your therapist may use holistic medicine with:

  • Various prescription medications to boost their effectiveness
  • Neuropharmacology treatments to improve your nutritional health and even reduce or eliminate need for traditional medicine

If You Want Supplemental Care Options

At Environmental Health Center, you can receive many types of supplemental holistic care that will improve your overall treatment in many ways. Our holistic doctor in Creve Coeur and St. Louis, MO, will sit down with you and find a therapy option that makes sense for your overall health. Just a few different options that these professionals may provide you include:

  • Nutrition counseling, including various dietary supplements for your health
  • Exercise options, including stretching, yoga, workouts, and even Tai Chi
  • Meditation and other relaxation methods, including massages
  • Self-massage and other personally directed recovery options
  • Support groups with people who have similar health concerns
  • Counseling sessions with professionals

When Holistic Medicine Sounds Appealing

Holistic treatment options focus on providing a unique therapeutic type that uses proven and effective care options to help you recover from various health concerns. Some may use them as a supplement to standard medical care, while others use them as a complete replacement for traditional treatments. Just a few options these professionals may provide include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Massage therapy
  • Herbal remedies
  • Aromatherapy

Help is Available for You

If holistic therapy sounds appealing to you, please contact Environmental Health Center and Dr. Sultan, MD right away to work with a holistic doctor in Creve Coeur and St. Louis, MO, you can trust. Our team will help you identify appropriate therapy options and educate you on your options. Please don't hesitate to call us at (314) 921-5600 to learn more about your possible choices.

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