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How is it possible to treat so many diverse medical conditions through Environmental Medicine approach?

The answer is very simple. Please keep four things in mind:

  1. Most chronic illnesses result from environmental, nutritional, dietary and hormonal causes

  2. Environment, our immune system, endocrine system are all related and constantly interact with our entire body

  3. Since these factors can affect any body organ or target multiple organs simultaneously, you can get illness in any or multiple organ systems

  4. Therefore, Environmental Medicine physician looks at the patient as a whole. That is why in treating these illnesses a holistic approach is needed.

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If you have one of these conditions – or any chronic ailment not listed here – we would like to encourage you to make an appointment with Dr. Sultan today. The goal is to explore underlying causes! Take the first step in the right direction to getting rid of your symptoms, getting rid of any drugs you are taking and yes – even getting rid of your old physician. When you treat the cause, the reliance on the medical system decreases. 

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