What Are the Benefits of Functional Medicine?

What Are the Benefits of Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine may be the best option if your health goals are not limited to just treating or masking your symptoms. Through personalized treatments, functional medicine aims to provide a holistic approach to the treatment of chronic conditions and other illnesses. If you are interested in learning more about all the benefits of functional medicine you can contact Dr. Tipu Sultan, MD of the Environmental Health & Allergy Center in St. Louis, MO.

The Functional Medicine Approach

The traditional approach to medicine is to reactively deal with symptoms and issues as they arise, and while it's important to do so, especially if these are hindering your everyday life, that should not be the goal in itself.

You are much more than your collective symptoms, and they alone do not tell your whole story, especially if you're actively struggling with a chronic illness.

Instead of treating individual parts, functional medicine treats your body as a whole interconnected system where all the parts are dependent on one another. This is the key approach to functional medicine and what's at the source of its many benefits.

The focus is not just on an individual symptom, but also on what's bringing it on, taking into account elements like environmental and genetic factors.

Functional Medicine in St. Louis, MO

The benefits of functional medicine are best explored in person and during a visit to the office. During your appointment, your functional medicine doctor will take great care to go over your medical history as well as your family history, your lifestyle, your habits, and your environment.

All of these are important variables that greatly influence your overall physical health. These, along with a physical examination, required lab tests, and your health goals can help your doctor better develop a personalized treatment plan.

Explore the benefits of Functional Medicine in St. Louis, MO, by scheduling a visit with Dr. Sultan, MD of the Environmental Health & Allergy Center by dialing (314) 921-5600.

Success Story:

Condition Treated: Low Thyroid, Depression 

Initials: D. B. 

Date: 01/06/01

Story: I came into the office not feeling well at all, could hardly get up in the morning or function during the day. After coming to Dr. Sultan for only 3-1/2 months, I have more energy, a better outlook on life and feel much better during the day. I know I have more to go but I feel so much better now than I have in years.

Dr. Sultan’s Comments: You never, never, never, give up! What is the big deal? You can get well if you look for the cause.

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