Do You Suffer From Frequent Sinus Infections?

Do You Suffer From Frequent Sinus Infections?

Frequent sinus infections can cause more problems than just your sinuses. You may experience fatigue, fever, facial pain and pressure, headaches, and other unpleasant signs and symptoms. You need relief from frequent sinus infections. Dr. Tipu Sultan, MD at Environmental Health & Allergy Center in St. Louis, MO, provides a wide range of medical services, including treatment of chronic sinus infections.

What You Need To Know About Sinus Infections

Frequent sinus infections are a common problem. In fact, chronic sinus problems affect over 12% of people in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control or CDC.

If you are one of the 12%, you have probably tried over-the-counter sinus medications and other treatments, only to find the relief wasn’t permanent. A much better solution is to visit your allergy specialist for treatment. Your allergy specialist may recommend balloon sinuplasty to help unblock your sinuses.

Balloon sinuplasty can help relieve:

  • Recurrent sinus and nasal problems
  • Recurrent sinus infections
  • Chronic head pain behind your eyes
  • Difficulty breathing through your nose due to nasal blockage

Traditional sinus treatment often involved invasive sinus surgery. Balloon sinuplasty offers another much less invasive option. Consider these important benefits of balloon sinuplasty:

  • Treatment is minimally invasive and requires no incisions or sutures
  • Treatment does not cause any scarring or scar tissue
  • Treatment is less likely to cause infection because there is no cutting
  • The treatment causes far less discomfort than conventional sinus surgery
  • The treatment causes little or no downtime because there is very little bruising and swelling

During your balloon sinuplasty treatment, a thin tube is inserted in your nostril and guided up into your sinuses. The tube has a balloon at one end which is inflated when the tube encounters a blockage. The inflated balloon clears out the blockage, the balloon is deflated, and the tube is removed.

Want To Learn More?

To learn more about the causes and treatment of chronic sinus infections including balloon sinuplasty, call Dr. Tipu Sultan, MD at Environmental Health & Allergy Center in St. Louis, MO. You can reach him in the office by calling (314) 921-5600, so call today.

Success Story:

Condition Treated: Chronic sinusitis Symptoms: Nasal allergy, chronic sinus problems, stuffy nose, psoriasis, gas, coated tongue, heartburn, headaches, and muscle stiffness

Initials: M. R. N.


Story: After suffering with chronic sinus problems for over 30 years, I felt it necessary to seek medical attention from a different direction. Following my initial visits to Dr. Sultan, and having an allergy series, I have noticed a tremendous decrease in such symptoms.

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