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We are an out-of-network provider for all insurance companies.

We know, people want to stay in-network because it is cheaper. It is your choice to get care from your in-network physician or come to us for out-of-network care to treat the cause.

Think! Is your current care cheaper and is it better? Better means that you should be able to get rid of your symptoms and as well as get rid of your medicines. You should feel good without much dependence on the medical system.

Don’t make a hasty decision. Compare the benefits you can get from treating the cause vs treating symptoms in-network

When you treat the cause, it can reduce so many expenses like medicines, visits to primary care physician, specialists, tests, emergency room visits, hospitalizations etc. It turns out that treating the cause can not only be Cheaper but Better also!

Read these success stories and see:

  1. By treating the cause, these patients have been able to get rid of their symptoms and get rid of their medicines.
  2. Compare your health with quality of their life. See how well they are enjoying good health. Judge it yourself, if their life has changed for better . You can do too
  3. How much money are you spending in the above categories and how much are they spending now? They aren't  spending much! It negates the very reason you may want to stay in-network- cost.
  4. You decide, if treating the cause could be Better and Cheaper for you than your current care

Our sincere advice: Make an Investment in Yourself and Treat the Cause

If you are ready, we will do our best to get you well. Contact us today – or schedule an appointment

Affordable Care should not only be cutting prices of healthcare items but also cutting the need for such medical care components. Unless, you cut the need for continued medical care, price controls are meaningless, to a great degree. It is well-known that under managed care , costs have gone up-not down

If you have seen your physician or multiple specialists and done everything but you are still sick, probably there are two reasons:

  1. You are not treating the cause
  2. You are treating symptoms with medicines. 

Medicines are unlikely to fix the problem. Medicines, feed the cause and can make you worse

Your goals should be-feel better and be free of your major symptoms and free of as many medicines as possible. If your current treatment is not providing such a relief, change your direction.

If you want us to determine the benefits , please call us at (314) 921 5600. Alternatively you may send us the requested information by clicking here . We will be glad to call you back with the information.

EHC-St. Louis bills most insurance companies including most HMO’s with out-of-network benefits. When you call for your first appointment, our staff will work with you to determine your insurance benefits.

We do not bill Medicare, Medicaid, and HMO’s with no out-of-network benefits. We will provide you with a receipt so you may be able submit your claim to these companies (except Medicare and Medicaid).

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