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What is Environmental Medicine

We get sick from time to time for various reasons like flu or a respiratory or a urinary infection. We all know that microbes (bugs) in our environment cause these problems. However a different aspect of environment, non-microbial factors triggering illness especially the chronic illness has not been as widely appreciated as yet as it should have been.

Environmental Medicine deals with diagnosing and treating the non-microbial causes of chronic illness

Many chronic illnesses result from non-microbial triggers (substances) in our total environment. These include substances we inhale like dust, molds, pollens, animal dander, foods we consume including additives, preservatives, food coloring dyes, and chemicals in our air, food and water supplies.

Environmental Medicine recognizes that an overwhelming majority of chronic illness results from environmental factors as well as from nutritional, dietary and hormonal factors. All these factors work together. This is especially true when other causes for chronic illness have been excluded. This is what Upstream medical care is all about-treating the cause. In contrast, you can treat symptomatically and that is downstream care

For example if you have severe migraine headaches and your physician has ruled out anemia, brain tumor or other metabolic or structural causes for your headaches, then these are most likely being triggered by environmental or related causes.

To learn how Environmental Medicine is helping people including those who had tried everything else Medicine had to offer and failed, read through the success stories attached to the various conditions we’ve treated.

Importance of Nutritional Medicine

Nutrition is a word so worn out it has become grossly misunderstood and under-appreciated. Everyone talks about it, many promote it, yet very few understand it!

Nutrition begins with the selection of foods and supplements from high quality sources.

Why? Because most nutrients are lost or altered by economically-based methods of farming, processing, and preparation. Nutrition must be in the appropriate package when it enters the body at the cellular level. Unless nutrients are in the proper form they cannot be assimilated and the body must treat them as toxins which are either eliminated or stored in fat.

To support our health, we need a strong and powerful immune system built from these sources of high quality nutrition. Problem is, we seldom get the raw, basic materials needed. So, the body resorts to emergency systems to keep going. These finally give out and the defenses of the body go down leading to chronic illnesses of all sorts

It’s Vital to Understand the Importance of Nutritional Medicine

Until people are educated and motivated enough to eat high quality foods and supplements the body can recognize and use, we will continue to see an increase of illness and disease in America.

Preventing disease is your job. This is all about clean air, clean food, clean water and finding a good nutritional physician. It is your job to keep you healthy. We will teach you how! Our medical system is not geared towards prevention. It is profit-driven symptomatic care

Albert Einstein said, “The problems that are created at one level of thinking cannot be solved at the same level.”

This is why we need a physician who is well-versed in nutritional supplementation and physiology – a guide – to help us map our tripguide us along the way, and when we make a wrong turn, get us back on course.

New Insights Into The Origin, Prevention and Successful Treatment of Illnesses

Since 1979, Dr. Sultan’s quest has been looking for underlying causes of illness instead of giving medicines to mask symptoms. Here is a simple fact regarding causation of chronic illness. It summarizes Dr. Sultan’s 40 plus years of experience. An overwhelming majority of chronic illness results from environmental factors as well as from nutritional, dietary and hormonal factors.

That is it! What are the implications?

If you want to:

  • Get rid of your symptoms
  • Get rid of your drugs
  • Get rid of the physician (virtually)

And, enjoy good health again you have to pay attention to these factors.

Here is something my great teacher Sidney Baker MD taught about causation:

  • If you are sitting on a tack, it takes a lot of psychotherapy to make it feel good.
  • It is better to pull out the tack before you sit
  • If you are sitting on two tacks, removing just one does not result in 50% improvement.
  • You got to treat all the major causes


As long as you are having problems, you are sitting on tacks! Together, we will figure out what they are.

If you want to ignore these two rules, you can eat, drink, smoke, and breathe anything you want because we have a “magic pill” for everything. This is how the sick remain sick and keep spending. This is medical economics in a few words!

Think, Think, Think!!

Equipped with this knowledge, there is no need for you or your loved ones to suffer.

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