New Patient Forms

Important Patient Forms To Help You

Below you will find links to the forms you will need to fill out prior to your first appointment with Dr. Sultan. Please print out these forms and fill as much out as you can prior to coming to the office.

Question – Why should you consider going out-of-network?

Answer: If you are satisfied with in-network care, you should stick with it. However, if you are not satisfied, seek out-of-network care. Our goal is to provide you better medical care that you value. What it means is that we focus on treating the underlying causes instead of treating symptoms. This is to bring you true relief and reduce health care costs. This is the most economical way that provides quality and long-term value to patients.

If you have any questions, don’t worry, you can ask us when you arrive at the office or feel free to call us . We ask that you send us your Patient History form ahead of your office visit, and you can do this via email, fax, or postal mail.

NOTE: Downloads below come in Microsoft Word and/or Adobe Reader (PDF).
You can
download Adobe Reader for free here

  • You Have Chosen a Journey to Wellness!( PDF )

  • Insurance Benefits ( PDF )

  • Patient Information Sheet ( PDF )

  • Patient Comprehensive History Form ( PDF )

  • No Fragrances In Office ( PDF )

  • Test Room Instructions ( PDF )

  • Intro to the Scope of Environmental Medicine ( PDF )

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