Does Your Child Have Learning Problems?

Does Your Child Have Learning Problems?

More and more children are diagnosed as hyperactive or have learning disorders. At the present time, the usual form of treatment for these children lies heavily on drugs such as Ritalin which though have a calming affect, are also associated with unpleasant side effects. This form of treatment persists in spite of research which shows that most of these children are, in fact, victims of allergic reactions to foods or environmental contaminants.Most of the children return to normal when their allergies are identified and receive appropriate treatment.

There are specific signs which can help parents identify children who may have allergy problems. These are: frequent respiratory, bronchial, sinus, ear infections; poor school performance , runny nose, dark circles under eyes, headaches, stomach aches, stuffy nose, sniffling, coughing, and wheezing.

Therefore, all children displaying some of these symptoms should first be evaluated for allergy. Newer methods are now made available to uncover such reactions to foods and environmental contaminants that are usually not picked up by standard testing. If you would like information about the testing or treatment call us today at 314-921-5600.


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