Sinus Infection Treatment

Sinus Infection Treatment

If you’ve experienced a sinus infection in your life, you know that it can be extremely debilitating and can stop you from living your daily life. When mucus builds up in the sinuses and doesn’t clear out, you’re at risk for a sinus infection and in for a rough couple of days. It’s important that you talk to Dr. Tipu Sultan in St. Louis, MO, about treating your sinus infection and relieving the pain you may be feeling so that you can get back to your normal life.

Signs of a Sinus Infection

There are some distinct symptoms to look out for when you may have a sinus infection. Some common signs of a sinus infection are:

  • Discolored nasal discharge.
  • Facial pain and soreness.
  • Lessened sense of taste and smell.
  • Bad breath.
  • Persistent cough.
  • Stuffy nose.

The signs of a sinus infection and the common cold are fairly similar, however facial pain, discolored discharge, fever, or symptoms lasting for a week usually point to a sinus infection and are signs that you should see your doctor in St. Louis, MO, immediately.

Treating Your Sinus Infection

Most treatments can be done at home with simple remedies. Your doctor may recommend getting a humidifier to help open up the airways. They may also suggest using saline irrigation, decongestants, and a topical nasal spray to help get rid of any sinus pressure and congestion you might be experiencing. If symptoms persist and continue to bother you, your doctor will prescribe an antibiotic to help cure your infection and relieve the symptoms you may be experiencing.

Contact Your Doctor Today!

If you’re suffering from a sinus infection, it’s important that you contact Dr. Tipu Sultan in St. Louis, MO, at (314) 921-5600 as soon as possible for treatment and to get back to your normal life without sinus pain!

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