Andropause Hypogonadism

Condition Description

Sexual dysfunction or infertility associated with low male hormones.

Common Symptoms

  • Reduced sex drive or arousability
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Infertility

Underlying Causes

  • Pituitary conditions, including tumors or trauma, can reduce FSH and LH causing secondary Hypogonadism
  • Age-related hormonal decline in testosterone. Hormones start declining around age 35. Most men will become symptomatic somewhere between 40-50 years of age. You know it when you observe that your performance is not as good or as frequent as it was in your 20's

Traditional Approach

  • Testosterone replacement either topically, by injection or testosterones pellet insertion

EHC Approach

  • Assess male hormonal levels and treat any deficiencies

Success Story

Condition Treated:

Depression, Hearing Voices, Male Menopause


G. D.




Since coming to Dr. Sultan, I have had reduced anxiety and reduced depression. I hardly ever hear voices anymore. The doctor has helped me to fight Andropause (male menopause). The testosterone injections have really helped me to return to feeling normal again.  When I started seeing the doctor, I could barely sit still - my anxiety was so great. I now feel a whole lot better. This is something my psychiatrist was unable to fix. The medications he had me on were even undoubtedly part of the cause of my anxiety and Andropause. With the help of Dr. Sultan, I will try to get off the psych meds as soon as possible.

Dr. Sultan’s Comments:

Remember, depression is not Prozac deficiency. You need to find physical cause. In his case it happened to be male hormonal deficiency. Male hormones are essential for both physical and mental well-being. Male hormonal deficiency is an important cause for depression, anxiety, poor memory, poor concentration, mental fatigue and mood swings etc.

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