What The Doctor Believes

A Personal Note From Dr. Sultan

We all know that a patient’s beliefs can make a lot of difference in the end result of a treatment. Thinking positively, expecting positively, having an upbeat attitude, and taking an active role in your health is likely to bring much better results than otherwise. In an article I recently came across, Larry Dossey, MD, raised an interesting question:

“What is the effect of the physician’s belief system on a patient’s outcome?”

I had never thought of it like that, but as I pondered over this question, I realized that it has an immense impact. Therefore, I am sure you would like to know what I, as your physician, believe.

We are all well familiar with the traditional treatment that depends upon treating your symptoms with drugs. Use of antihistamines, painkillers, wheezing medicines, anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-hypertensives, nerve pills, etc. are all examples of treating symptoms. Remember, a headache is not an aspirin-deficiency state. As an environmental physician, this is my most important belief. Diseases do not happen from lack of drugs in the body. Therefore, we stress finding the cause and treating the cause.

I believe that:

  1. Most people can get well and, in fact, can get a lot better by finding the cause and treating the cause.
  2. Symptoms are warning signals that something is wrong. Covering them with drugs on a long-term basis does not make sense.
  3. The Sick Get Sicker and the Rich Get Richer by covering up the symptoms with drugs.
  4. The law of “Cause and Effect”: If you do not like the effect (symptoms), you have to look for the cause.
  5. Possibility: With the current knowledge we have at hand, it is possible, in most instances, to find the cause and treat the cause effectively.
  6. Reduce the need for drugs: Yes, it is possible in most instances to improve the condition to the point that the patient hardly needs any symptom-relieving drugs.
  7. Proof: Success stories are inspirational. Read them. Talk to patients who have been coming to us for a while and see how they are doing.
  8. Guarantee: There is none. However this is how people get well, by finding the cause and treating the cause.
  9. What is the cause: Usually the cause is in the patient’s environment, i.e., things inhaled, food eaten, and the substances one comes in contact with. Other causes are nutritional, toxic, and endocrine in nature.
  10. Those who will search for the cause will find the cause; those who seek freedom from drugs will do so; those who will seek improvement in their quality of life will find it. This will also reduce dependence on physicians, hospitals, and the rest of the medical establishment.

That is my core belief. What is yours?

Treat the symptoms or treat the cause – you decide.

Tipu Sultan, MD

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