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Treatment Received for: Allergic Rhinitis; Anaphylactic Reaction to Foods

John had consistent stomach aches and also diarrhea at least 2-3 times a week.  He also had two severe reactions to food that were so bad he was rushed to the emergency room.

John, in the last three months, doesn't have any more stomach aches or diarrhea, or allergic reactions to food.  He also takes shots for dust and molds, and has cleared up immensely.

Thanks to (Dr. Sultan) John has improved 100%.

John's father, March 1992

Treatment Received for: Depression

In June of 88, I came into Dr. Sultan's office as a last resort.  I felt terrible and I thought I was going to die.  My state of mind was depression, which wasn't like me.  After much testing and a lot of patience, I am beginning to feel great. 

I had a dry cough and wheezing, post nasal drip, such fatigue, joint aches, and pains, swelling, my eyes watered that I couldn't wear make-up.  I had a 30 lb. weight gain and I knew I had to do something. 

Before, my cough was so bad I thought I would have to quit work and my social life was at a near stop.  I know it costs a lot, but health is so important.  I don't even argue anymore about money on treatment. 

The results are remarkable.  I'm beginning to have a different outlook on life now.  Thanks to the treatment, I can have peace of mind knowing I'm okay.  I am grateful for the knowledge Dr. Sultan has on allergies. I have everything under control now except my weight.  Now I can exercise because I have the energy and I feel good.

L. May, 1991

 Treatment Received for: Allergic Rhinitis, Hay Fever, Chemical sensitivity

          I started my treatment with allergies with Dr. Sultan soon to be ten years ago in Collinsville in the fall of 1981. If you could have seen me that day ten years ago and see me now, you would not believe it is the same person.

 I truly was a pathetic sight physically.  I was wiping my nose and eyes so much that I carried a box of kleenex with me, my eyes were red and watery and I was drained physically.  It was hard for me to do simple chores around the home.  I was in such distress.  I had so much trouble remembering things and couldn't cope with daily living.  In other words, a basket case.

That changed.  I started taking dust and mold injections weekly and after only a few weeks was feeling much better.  Also started taking thyroid.  It took time, but after awhile I had more energy, wasn't so sluggish.

Dr. Sultan suggested I purchase some books, "coping With Allergies", I started reading these books and found out ways to rid my house, garage, basement of chemicals and dust.  I started using fragrance-free cosmetics.  I started using Amway washing detergent.  Covering my nose and mouth when using bleach, dusting the furniture frequently and running vacuum to rid my home of dust mites.

I cannot say enough about these books and highly recommend them to those who have allergies.  It's our way to educate ourselves and to help us to become healthier people.  I still refer to these books when something comes up that I don't know what to do.  I am extremely sensitive to chemicals.  Now that I know this, I never put gasoline in my car, I don't go outside when grass is being cut, don't go outside at all after 10:00 a.m. unless dire emergency.  These are all ways I use to control the environment I live in.

Now that spring is here, I have another problem with the environment:  grass and budding trees.  I do not go outside when grass is being cut or go outside very often just to be in the outdoors, the sunshine, the beautiful flowers and budding trees, all of these have to be looked at only not smelled.  I'm grateful I can see them from my window, I don't have to touch and smell them.  One can enjoy the beauty from the inside looking out.  I have found out the hard way with my allergies.  I have educated myself through trial and error and experience is sill my best teacher. 

All of us who suffer from chronic allergies must take responsibility for our own health if we ever want to become healthier individuals.  I am truly grateful for my allergist, Dr. Sultan, and his staff, who have helped me so very much and taught me how to cope and have good health.  They treat and teach and I'm glad I learned and am still learning ways to experience healthy living in an unhealthy environment.

Last November, Dr. had me take magnesium testing.  He found I was 52% deficient in magnesium and started magnesium injections of 300 mg weekly.  The first injection made me feel like I was 20 years old again, not so much vitality as tranquility.  I couldn't wait for the next injection.  I do have more energy and physical well being after being on magnesium injections for four months, plus taking magnesium complex daily. 

After 10 years of being treated by you, Doctor, I am wondering what is left.  Believe it or not, there is usually something else to be treated for.  As an example, I am in the allergy testing room right now being tested for trees and grass.

Someone once said:  Life is one darn thing after another.  I can say that for individuals with chronic allergy disease, 10 years is a long time but I can say today it was worth every office visit (except for the finances) (just kidding), every injection, every allergy testing to feel this good or I'm saying great.   - Jackie

Treatment Received for: Headaches, Runny Nose - 24 years’ duration

It seems as though I had been having headaches and a runny nose forever.  I had gone to my regular doctor several years ago and he said I had allergies and put me on Claritin D.  This helped, but I never knew what the allergies were.  My son has been going to Dr. Sultan for several years and had such a dramatic improvement that I decided I should see if I could be helped.  It has been 3 months now and I feel so great.  I know what my allergies are and how to better take care of myself with good eating habits.  I am very thankful for the help.

S.M. - February 2000


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