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1. Dry Mouth

Jodi M

I came to Doctor Sultan complaining of a very dry mouth along with a few other complaints.  Other doctors had told me to just live with it. I didn't like that answer so I was so happy to find a doctor that did not dismiss my complaint.  Dr. Sultan treated me for Candida along with dust and mold allergies.  After about a year of following his treatment, I am fixed!  I no longer have a dry mouth.  It is fabulous!  Thank you to Dr. Sultan and his great staff!


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: See how easy it is to treat the cause

2. Hyperactivity, Impulsiveness, Speech Delay

Jacob S

Jacob came to EHAC at age 6 for ADHD behavior.  It was found that Jacob did not need medicine for ADHD but he was allergic to many foods as well as dust, mold and pollens.  After just one year of detecting and then changing diet along with allergy shots, Jacob is under control - behaving normally and maturing and learning like a typical 7 year old boy.


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: most children with ADHD and other neurological symptoms do not need mind-affecting drugs like Ritalin, Concerta, Adderall etc.

3. Nasal Congestion, Tiredness, Tennis Elbow that wouldn't heal, Sinus Headaches, Dry Eyes, Hot Flashes

Linda M

When I came to see Dr. Sultan, I was putting up with a number of menopausal symptoms.  I also had a lot of pain in my arm from a "tennis elbow" injury which just didn't seem to heal and made even handwriting difficult.

After seeing Dr. Sultan, my symptoms have gradually been disappearing and now, about 8-9 months later, I'm consistently feeling great, with no symptoms.

I've really appreciated Dr. Sultan's dedication and thoroughness as well as his staff's many kindnesses.


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: it is so easy to treat the cause. Don’t be a pill popper!

4. Feeling Cold, Fatigued, Depression, and Low Back Pain


I've experienced overall improvement in all symptoms.  The best part is depression is gone.


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: there is no competition when you treat the cause

5. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Skin Rashes, and Chronic Fatigue

Vicki G

Thanks to Dr. Sultan and his treatment plan, I am feeling so much better.  The five doctors before him had no clue that my skin outbreaks with blisters, swollen hands, fingers, feet and toes all were related to food allergies.  I have so much energy now that I ride bikes with my son and we also ride 4-wheelers in the woods on the trails.  I had no idea that I could do all of this and still have energy left.  My health is 99% better and the only reason it's not 100" is because I love the food I'm not supposed to have.  J

I thank Dr. Sultan and my clients thank him too.  I am a massage therapist and at one time I couldn't work for 2 months.  Thank you again.

P.S.:  I've lost 49 lbsJJ and my blood pressure is great!


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: While there are hopeless people, there are no hopeless cases. Even auto-immune conditions like Rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus will respond to treating the cause

6.  Artificial Menopause

Theresa M

When I first came to Dr. Sultan, I was feeling burned out and experiencing low libido.  Treating my female hormones and male hormones, I feel so much better.  Recently I applied for long-term health care insurance.  They were impressed with my improvement and they gave me health benefits till the end and I was given the premium health rates.  They hardly give ____ coverage these days.


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: Remember, female and as well as male hormones are extremely crucial to both physical and mental wellbeing

7. Thyroid, Candidiasis, Magnesium& Vitamin Deficiencies

Rebecca D

Since coming to Dr. Sultan, I have gotten my health back.  My Life back!  I went to 4 doctors to get help.  They all said there was nothing wrong with me.  Instead they put me on an anti-depressant and it only made me worse.  Dr. Sultan really listens to you.  He finds out what is wrong.  He educates you.  If you do what he says, you will get well.  Each day, I am getting better.  I will continue to do this for my family.  As my symptoms disappear, I am more encouraged to continue on this path.

Thank you, Dr. Sultan.  The whole D___ family loves you.


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: This is an example of when a sick person goes to his or her physician and lab tests show nothing wrong and patient is told “you look beautiful on paper.”

8. Low Thyroid and Magnesium

Deborah M

My joint pain and muscle pain is completely gone.  I was taking 800 mg Tylenol 3x day for over a year. With Dr. Sultan's help, I no longer take the Tylenol and I am pain free.

Dr. Sultan got my thyroid issues fixed and I am feeling so much better.


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: when you treat the cause you don’t need medicines. It is as simple!

9. Fatigue, Brain Fog, Weight Gain

9. Weight Gain, Fatigue, And Brain Fog

Pam C

I have struggled with for years.  I was treated for hypothyroidism, mineral deficiencies and hormonal imbalances.  My symptoms have improved dramatically.  I feel much better.


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: She has grasped the very essence of Medicine: most chronic illnesses result from environmental, hormonal, nutritional and dietary factors. If you control these, you can miraculously improve

10. Female and Male Hormones, Thyroid, and Magnesium

Mary S

Prior to seeing Dr. Sultan, I had joint, muscle and bone pain all over my body. This was due to the flu shot in October 2012.  After suffering for over a year, I came to see if environmental medicine could help.  I was getting weaker and weaker and feeling hopeless. With the assessment skills and knowledge from an environmental point of view, Dr. Sultan treated me to the point now where I am pain free.  He took my subjective data (of hurting all over) seriously and never said that my symptoms were "all in my head" like every other doctor had.  I am grateful to have my body functioning well and I look forward to good health from now on.


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: the most important lesson to learn from this is that most physical and mental symptoms result from physical causes and not psychological factors

11. Candida, Hormone Deficient, Allergies

Mary C

I remember back one and a half year ago, I just about gave up.  I was so sick and had counted 17 or so doctors over a 10 year plus period. I just about called it quits but then a customer of mine told me that my symptoms sounded similar to what happened to her mom 20 years ago.  So we called her and she comforted me that I could be helped by Dr. Sultan.  The next day I sent an email to the doctor and it was all uphill after that.  The Candida is under control.  The worst is over.  Thank God.


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: if you treat the cause amazing things can happen

12. Asthma aggravated by exposure to many common chemicals. Chemical sensitivity

Christain M

After exposure to chemicals at my work environment, I was bed ridden.

In June of 2000, I made my first appointment with Dr. Sultan.  He was able to give me a diagnosis of MCS which numerous other doctors had not been able to do.

After much testing and treating with Vitamins and supplements, my health and everyday living has improved.  Although my husband must shop and run errands, I am able to function in our "safe/clean" home.  I live by the Marine motto - Adapt - Overcome - Improvise.


Dr. Sultan’s Comments:  most people do not realize that common chemicals in our environment cause chronic illness and for some it can be a debilitating illness. Common chemicals that we use or come in contact on daily basis and don’t think much about include fragrances, hair sprays, scented soaps, gasoline, Lysol, personal care products, gasoline, exhaust fumes, paints, varnishes etc.

Do any of these chemicals bother you?

13. Eczema (Atopic dermatitis) not responding to cortisone creams

Chloe B

Chloe is 4-1/2 years old and has had chronic eczema since age six months.  We have tried both natural emollient crèmes and cortisone and prescription crèmes with little to no change.  At 3-1/2 years of age, Chloe also began to have several yeast infections that required multiple doses of over-the-counter and prescription medication.  Once the visible yeast rash resolved visually, Chloe still had moderate to severe rectal itching and urinary pain.  Within 2-3 weeks of following a diet regimen for Candida, her eczema and itching resolved to being mild and occasional.   After 3 months treatment is 100% resolved.

Thank you for a cure and not just a treatment.


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: yeast is an important cause for many chronic illnesses and is one of the least appreciated cause. You will repeatedly see its role in many illnesses throughout these success stories

14. Hypothyroidism/Severe Fatigue

Brian P

Approximately four years ago I developed severe fatigue and memory/concentration lapses.  I underwent a wide range of tests from generalists to specialists without come-true success in treating the symptoms.  I was recommended by a patient of Dr. Tipu and quickly discovered that others had similar experiences.  After conducting a comprehensive and medical history and an initial screening with Dr. Tipu, I have already achieved success with renewed energy levels and improved cognitive/memory concentration in less than 2 months of treatment.  I highly recommend Dr. Tipu and his staff.


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: one of the most important cause for chronic fatigue is low thyroid that is often missed.

15. Acne

Brandon T

I had acne since late junior high and visited a local dermatologist to seek a solution.  I was put on antibiotics and was on them for over two years.  My mom found out about and took me to see Dr. Sultan.  I was taken off antibiotics, encouraged to change my diet, and given injections to boost my immune system.  In under a year, my acne was virtually gone.


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: Acne is typically treated by long-term use of antibiotics which in the long run can cause serious physical and mental ailments by disturbing normal gut biome and increasing yeast in the gut.

16. Severe Diarrhea, Vomiting, Yeast Infections, High Blood Pressure

Sandy H

In 1999, I suffered from severe diarrhea, vomiting, yeast infections and high blood pressure.  My physician decided to do exploratory surgery to find out what was causing the constant loss of body fluids, as his testing and medication did not solve my issues.

I was advised by a friend to see Dr.; Sultan for a second opinion before going into surgery.  My first visit with Dr. Sultan was based on educating me on foods, and my environment.  Then he scheduled me for allergy testing.  My second visit was the results of such test, which revealed my sensitivity to sugar, flour, vinegar, etc.  I was able to avoid surgery, rid myself of constant yeast infection, and now, rather than daily medication for high blood pressure, it is controlled with medication 3 times per week.  Also with vitamins, minerals, clean diet, meditation and daily exercise.  Our goal is to rid me of medication altogether.

I have saved thousands of dollars in medical cost plus the intrusive surgery was avoided. I feel 100% better and the fact that I have been educated on how to take better care of myself has no dollar restriction.  I have referred 8-10 of my friends with health issues to Dr, Sultan.  

When I visit Dr. Sultan, I feel confident I am getting the best care from him and his staff. It's like visiting close friends who have your best interest at heart.  Thanks again, Dr. Sultan.

Dr. Sultan’s Comments: two most important causes for all sorts of gastrointestinal diseases are yeast and food allergy. These are missed all the time.The resulting illness can be a simple digestive upsets to severe diarrhea, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease. An unnecessary surgery saved; a life saved!

17. Acne, Fatigue

Lori S

I suffered from acne since age 11.  I had tried every possible over-the-counter medicine and finally went to a dermatologist.  He prescribed an antibiotic which made me sick but didn't clear my skin, so he prescribed a stronger one telling me it would make me dizzy.  I refused to take it.  My mom told me about Dr. Sultan. At my first visit, Dr. Sultan covered my complete history.  He explained the reasons a person can have acne.  He was looking for the cause, not just prescribing a pill.  He asked me about my energy level.  I honestly thought I was normal.  I thought everyone had to push to get out of bed and I thought everyone would choose to sleep over anything else. Dr. Sultan discovered I had low thyroid. He prescribed Armour Thyroid.  I cannot believe I felt so bad for so long and I didn't even know it!  I feel amazing.  So full of energy and life!  Headaches are gone.  I can now say I can watch the sunrise instead of sleeping in a dark room. I also now have beautifully clean skin after Dr. Sultan discovered a hormone issue.  I am so grateful to him and my mom for telling me about him.  Life is Good!



Dr. Sultan’s Comments: many people go through life with low level of energy and miss out a lot as they don’t know what normal level of energy is. Do you have an excellent level of energy? Most people when they get up in the morning should have an excellent level of energy, ready to hit the road and throughout the day they should have excellent level of energy and by the end of the day they should not be tired. How do you rate yourself?

18. Candida

Ashley G

I came to see Dr. Sultan because I had severe swelling all over my body, especially in the stomach area. I also had gained approximately 10 lbs in the 1-1/2 month prior to coming in.  No matter what I ate, my stomach would swell and I was hungry more often than normal.  I also craved carbs and sweets ore than normal.

I had actually seen another physician prior to coming to see Dr. Sultan and he pretty much dismissed my symptoms.  After seeing Dr. Sultan here I am a month later and feel so much better.  The swelling has gone down.  My intestinal swelling has decreased significantly.  I am not tired and feeling "sick inside" all the time.  It has been a tremendous feeling getting back to my old self and on the road to a full recovery, especially after the frustration I had before when I was not sure what was going on with my body and how to get better.  I would recommend Dr. Sultan to Anyone!


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: no matter what your symptoms are you got to look for the cause. Most digestive problems are allergy related

19. Low Thyroid

Jennifer K

I had been treated for low thyroid through my GYN doctor since I was 22 years old.  I was still experiencing cold hands/feet, gravel feeling when I spoke and low energy after several years on "Synthroid", the prescribed medication when I heard about Dr. Sultan's practice.  I have been very pleased with his treatment using Armour thyroid medication for my health and well being. 


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: The most common treatment for low thyroid is synthetic thyroid hormone T4 called levothyroxine or Synthroid. Thyroid produces two hormones T4 and T3. Replacing with T4 only usually does not bring optimal relief. The answer is to switch from synthetic thyroid to natural thyroid preparation called Armour thyroid that has both T4 and T3.

20. Asthma and Severe Chemical Sensitivity

Suzanne K

Since I have started my visits to Dr. Sultan I have overcome the dizziness and chest pains that I thought would end my life.  Taking Dr. Sultan's advice and treatments, my life is much better.  I used to wheeze when I breathed.  That is gone. I was so tired, the days seemed top never end. Now I can enjoy the evening with my family because I have a lot more energy.

Dr. Sultan works with me with my appointments because I live so far away.  We take care of as much as possible per trip, so my health can improve more quickly. 

Finding Dr. Sultan has literally saved me from an unbearable life of suffering. 

Thank you, Dr. Sultan for your help.


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: No matter how sick you are and no matter how hopeless you are there is always light at the end of the tunnel if you look for the cause!

21. Infertility

Peg H

For about 7 years I was trying to get pregnant.  I came to Dr. Sultan a few years ago because I was experiencing other problems such as itchy arms, constipation, fluid feeling in ears and being very cold all the time.  We talked about my infertility, but I never thought his treatment for my other problems would help me become pregnant.  In August of 2005, he prescribed Armour thyroid.  I wasn't cold anymore and my arms weren't as itchy.  In June of 2006, I finally became pregnant and am 40 years old and will give birth to my first child in March of 2007.  J


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: How many women try everything that medicine has to offer to get pregnant? All sorts of investigations and pills for ovulation and repeated IVFs (in-vitro fertilization) etc. are the standard treatment. However, a most important cause that is often missed is low thyroid. Pennies a day treatment can bring back vigor in life and solve infertility

22. Tics/Tourette's Syndrome

Jon-Paul C

Jon-Paul came to Dr. Sultan with multiple tics (Tourette's_) a few years ago.  We found Dr. Sultan by researching environmental doctors.  We did not want to medicate for the condition of Tourette's.  Dr. Sultan tested for allergies and prescribed shots.  We did the food elimination diet as well.  With Dr. Sultan's help we changed Jon-Paul's diet.  Jon-Paul's energy level was low as well.  Today it is difficult to see any tics and Jon-Paul is making A's and B's in school and is running cross country. 

P.S.:  Our insurance covered the treatment. We drove 5 hours from Arkansas to (illegible at bottom of page).


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: we need smart patients like this who question the wisdom of medication more important-drugging children for neurological diseases. The results can be fantastic when you treat the cause.

23. Chronic Cough


Becky T

I have been doctoring for over eleven years with various medical doctors to treat a chronic cough. I was treated for allergies with every allergy and asthma medication.  I have even been treated with immunotherapy - IgE & IgG injections and IV's.  None helped the cough and post-nasal drip.  After all this, my chiropractor said that I had done enough and he recommended the
Environmental Health Center.  Here I received allergy testing and got to give my own injections for molds, dust, Candida and May/June allergies.  Next, I started the Candida diet along with Nystatin to rid my body of an over-abundance of yeast due to the many antibiotics given to treat the chronic cough.  I was also found to be severely magnesium/potassium deficient, so I started magnesium supplements and IV's.  Miraculously the upper/lower back pain I had in the past disappeared.  I was very pleased.  I have significantly improved by 90% in just six months with treatment addressing environmental, nutritional and hormonal causes.  This is the key!  After eleven years of traditional medical, I needed to seek a doctor who would get to the root causes.  What I have learned is that my genetics had the gun, buy environmental, nutritional and hormonal factors can pull the trigger.  We need a focus in medicine on what causes sickness and not to mask these with medications only.  I have spent eleven years worth of paying for weekly allergy injections and various treatments, not to mention lost time going to the office weekly for these shots/treatments.  It was worth the time and effort to seek Dr. Sultan out of network.  I have received aggressive and caring treatment to address my health at environmental Health Center.  Dr. Sultan has a great depth of knowledge and encourages me to learn to educate myself in healthy ways to care for myself and family.  Staff is well informed and work diligently to answer questions.


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: no pills or puffers can fix allergy problems nor they can fix any other chronic ailment. The sooner you get to the root causes the sooner you can start enjoying wonderful heath once again.

24. ADD Since Childhood

Michael S

After many years of battling low concentration and general disinterest of most anything for more than five minutes, I can say my condition has greatly improved. I went through several years of traditional Western medicine of mask the symptoms with a drug with ill effects. Taking Adderall for several years, I lost a lot of weight and was generally anxious and invested.  Since balancing the chemicals in my body and eating a proper diet, the need for these drugs became non-existent. 

I can honestly say I am 100% better than I was some time ago.  Thank you.


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: ADD and ADHD are on the rise and more and more children are being drugged. They are suffering serious side effects from them including weight loss, memory loss and drug addiction. To learn more about causes of mental illness in both children and adults go on YouTube and search for Dr. Doris Rapp. She is an excellent Environmental physician who has documented tirelessly the relationship between environmental factors (what we eat, breath, touch and contact with) to mental symptoms and physical ailments. I strongly recommend you to watch those videos whether you have a physical or mental illness in your family or people you care about the most.

25. Female and Male Hormones

Kelly C

Before I started hormone therapy, I was an emotional mess.  I was extremely overwhelmed, anxious, moody, crying all the time.  After I started therapy, I felt an immediate change first in my mood.  I started feeling more optimistic and positive.

I finally had a sex drive again.  And I feel love for my husband like I used to.  I come home happier from work and my life is so much better!  Thank you, Dr. Sultan, for helping me get my life back!


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: the fact that female and male hormones are essential for both physical and mental well-being is under-appreciated. Consequently, many women in their peri-menopausal and menopausal years suffer unnecessarily and either ignored or given Prozac etc. treatment can be so simple and rewarding

26. Hypertension and Nutrition Deficiency

Cleveland Y

Hello. My name is Cleveland Young; I'm nearly 71 years old and I am feeling great.  As a matter of fact, I'm feeling better than I have ever felt in my life.

I am feeling that way because starting about mid January of 1998, I have been receiving treatments and medical advice from Dr. Tipu Sultan, especially, and the staff at the Environmental Health and Allergy Clinic here in St. Louis.

With that being said, I'd like to share with you some key aspects of how my journey toward achieving optimum health and well-being came about.

It all started in October 1973, at age 33, when it was recommended that I undergo a one week, in-patient, comprehensive physical examination and wellness assessment.

The results of those examinations revealed that I was clinically obese, that I was critically pre-diabetic, and that I had a condition of essential hypertension, which is a high blood pressure condition which, reportedly, has no physiological causes associated with it.

So, over the next 24 years, (mid October 1973 to the end of 1997), my treatments and medical advice from five different doctors consisted mainly of exercise programs, diabetic diet plans, and a host of prescriptions for the prominent and popular blood pressure medications of the day.

While the diet and exercise advice were somewhat effective, the prescription medications only minimally lowered my high blood pressure and, over time, brought about a series of ongoing side effects and symptoms.  They included:  bouts with psoriasis, tightness in the head, occasional dizziness, irregular headaches, irritability, low energy, muscle aches, joint pains, and mild feelings of depression.

From mid to late December 1997, I searched the internet for doctors practicing alternate approaches to standard medical treatments that could prove beneficial.  These searches ultimately led me to Dr. Tipu Sultan who was the only doctor listed under environmental medicine within my geographical location at that time.

In early January of 1998, I called and scheduled an appointment to discuss my medical history and symptoms with Dr. Sultan who immediately suspected, accurately, serious deficiencies in my bodily nutritional and biochemical foundation.

Dr. Sultan's follow-up tests and analyses revealed that my magnesium levels were nearly completely depleted and ordered intravenous magnesium treatments over several weeks.

 Within approximately one week and a half (10 days), nearly all of the previously mentioned symptoms and side effects were gotten under control and I started feeling 100% better all around.

From this point in my health improvement plan, Dr. Sultan analyzed and corrected deficits in my hormone levels, my heavy metal levels in my system, my insulin metabolism, the yeast infection level in my body, and finally, my mineral and vitamin levels.

After completing all of that within a very reasonable length of time, I had reached an unprecedented level of health and wellness compared to the previous 24 years, before Dr. Sultan started treating me.

So this brings me back full circle to my beginning statements that I'm feeling Great and that I have never felt better in my entire life.

I credit Dr. Tipu Sultan and staff of the Environmental Health Center with making all of that possible, continually.


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: It says it all. How can anything other than treating the cause be a winner?

27. Weight Loss, Severe Fatigue, Severe Abdominal Pain, & Irritability

Kathleen F

When I first came to Dr. Sultan, I was severely allergic / sensitive to almost all foods.  My immune system was in a hyper-reactive state and I was eating only 5 different vegetables and nothing else, because if I did I would become extremely uncomfortable and fatigued and with 2 young boys, I could not afford that.  So by the time I visited Dr. Sultan on June 5, 2006, I weighed 81 lbs (my normal weight is 110-115, I'm very petite) and I literally could not climb a flight or 14 stairs because I was so fatigued and malnourished.  I also had bad acne, yeast infections, extreme mood swings, and irritability, and my menstrual cycle had ceased.  I was in very rough shape and fearing for my life.

Dr. Sultan immediately administered nutritional and amino acid IV's  (10 of each) recognized that I was suffering from adrenal insufficiency and prescribed Cortef (20 mg p/day).  I tested positive for yeast/molds and was put on extract shots (1 per week) and had me tested and diagnosed osteoporosis and osteopenia, which shocked me because I had danced for 20 years until I was about 26 years old (I'm now 36).  He began supplementing calcium, magnesium, copper, potassium, and iron for my anemia.

It is now September 23, 2006 (almost 4 months since 1st visit) and I have significantly improved!

I now weigh 106.8 lbs (over 25 lbs more!) and my energy has increased dramatically!  I am able to tolerate many foods now, my skin has cleared and I have a healthy glow about me!  When I began, I looked like a "walking ghost".  I exercise regularly, walk a lot, and have no problem climbing several flights of stairs.  In fact, I plan to begin dance classes next week.  I also have much better control over my moods now that I know to eat more frequently (diagnosed with hypoglycemia) and my menstrual cycle vegan again.  On September 5th, I never thought I would be happy about menstruating, but I'm glad it happened, with very slight PMS symptoms.  And no more abdominal pain!

Needless to say, I no longer fear for my life.  I feel as though Dr. Sultan has brought me back from the dead, and I am very grateful for his help!  I had been to over 21 doctors prior to Dr. Sultan, and was very distressed at how little they knew about my condition (IBS) and nutrition.  Dr. Sultan is the first doctor that I feel safe with, that I am in good hands.  I cannot express adequately how grateful I am, I've been given my life back!

Dr. Sultan still plans to treat my thyroid and my osteoporosis that will take time to improve, but I know it will!

Anyone who is skeptical or uncertain about his practice should look no further!  He will most certainly put you on the path to good health, as long as you are willing to make the necessary adjustment.  And isn't good health what you want?  To get your life back?  What do you have to lose?

I've gained tremendously!


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: many people not only suffer but die from lack of appreciation of role of environmental and nutritional factors. How sad! We should never, never, give-up and explore these factors in chronic illness. See how rewarding it can be!

28. Severe Constipation and Poor Appetite

Emily H

Emily has suffered from severe constipation since she was 2 years old. She simply could not have a bowel movement on her own.  She was seen by the pediatrician who gave her Senecot.  This worked for a while until Emily got sick of the taste.  At 2-1/2 she had a lower GI.  We were told she didn't know how to use her anal sphincter muscles. The pediatrician then put her on Miralax.  This needed to be taken daily and then I would supposedly be able to wean her. This didn't happen.  Every time I'd wean her, she would be terribly constipated.  It was not unlikely for Emily to sit in the bathroom for 3 hours at a time in agony.  We went through this for 4-1/2 years (pain, constipation, laxatives, enemas).  I had mentioned Dr. Sultan and the possibility of Candida to the pediatrician.  She said it is not medically proven.  I could take her, but don't get my hopes up.  We brought Emily to Dr. Sultan in November 2005.  She was 6 years, 8 months old.  He concluded she has Candida and put her on Nystatin, Vital Plex, and weekly shots.  She has an effortless bowel movement every day!  Emily is a happy, healthy child and we owe it all to Dr. Sultan and his wonderful staff.  We were at the end or our rope before we saw him.  Now our entire family is relieved and happy.


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: here is a common habit-if you are not up on something, you are down on it. Candida or yeast is the most common cause for constipation and not well appreciate. It is so easy to treat

 Emily age 6, writes:

My Sickness Called Candida

Once when I was six, I had a sickness called Candida.  Well, I have this I think because I cannot get my poop out very easy.  My mom's friend mentioned a doctor that can help.  So my mom asked my doctor if I could go there.  She said, "I don't care, but it won't work." But we still went.  My doctor was wrong.  I like what he did, except I have to get a shot every Saturday.

To know what I can have, I had to get six shots.  It hurt real bad.  That night I had my last sugar stuff at McDonald's.  I had French fries and an M&M McFlurry.  My dad, Annie and Joey went home.  My mom and me went to the stores that have food that I can have.

It is working so far.  I will have to eat sugar free stuff on my birthday.  At least my mom knows how to make a sugar free cake.  My mom found a bunch of sugar free stuff.  Sugar free stuff takes the same of not sugar free stuff.  At school we have a happy jar.  But everything has sugar in it.  But I have my own happy jar.

Dr. Sultan’s Comments: this is the story written by a six- years old. Experience the joy and frustration experienced by this little soul. So much misery and so simple solution!

29. Fatigue, Feeling Cold, Hair Loss

Noreen N

Two years ago, I came to EHAC at the end of my rope because conventional doctors were doing nothing to alleviate my symptoms.  Instead of recognizing the cause of my symptoms, they just wanted to put band-aids on them by prescribing drugs.  Of course, drugs aren't ever a cure to anything so I sought out Dr. Sultan at EHAC.

During my first visit Dr. Sultan said to me, "It is my job to teach you how not to need me."  I knew that I came to the right place and I can honestly say, "Mission accomplished."  I have never felt better and can look to the future with confidence that I can actually take care of my own health without drugs.  I may need a little help from Dr. Sultan from time to time, but I am on the verge of Vibrant Health, thanks to him.


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: we all know a patient’s belief system can have important outcome on his condition. However, have you ever tried to find out what your physician’s beliefs are and what impact these can have on your outcome? Most common way is treat symptoms with medicines! I do not believe headache is aspirin deficiency and should not be treated as such. To have a successful outcome you need to address the cause(s).

30. Exhaustion, Aching Bones, No Muscle Strength and Muscle Cramps

JoAnn B

When I first came to Dr. Sultan, I was exhausted.  My bones ached, my muscles had no strength, and I was suffering from muscle cramps throughout my body. I had been to doctor after doctor, had most of my parathyroid and half of my thyroid removed, been placed on high blood pressure medication and been told there was nothing wrong with me.

Dr. Sultan provided an assessment of just what was happening with my body and proposed a course of treatment.  After only one magnesium injection, I felt an extreme relief of the cramping and muscle fatigue.  Dr. Sultan also placed me on a natural thyroid to replace the synthetic thyroid prescribed by another doctor that was not working.  The thyroid change has made the most significant difference in my outlook and ability to function.  With continued care and using a prioritized list of my issues, Dr. Sultan is slowly addressing my health concerns.  Next on my list are the high blood pressure and my weight control.  Thank you Dr. Sultan for improving my quality of life to the point where I look forward to each day with hope!


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: complex problems like this have multiple causes. Though she was being treated for low thyroid following partial thyroidectomy (removal of thyroid) but she was being treated with synthetic thyroid. Natural thyroid in the form of Armour thyroid produces far superior results. We have taken many patients of synthetic thyroid like Synthroid and put on Armour thyroid and they have done fantastic. Magnesium deficiency is an important cause for musculoskeletal pain.

31. ADHD, Asthma, Eczema (Atopic dermatitis)

Aerion W

My son had a lot of problems when we first came in.  I was so overwhelmed.  We had a lot of testing completed and found out that he had many, many allergies.  The doctor suggested shots to be administered 2x weekly for all of his problems (listed above).  My son is 5 years old and does very well with receiving the shots 2x weekly.  Before coming to Dr. Sultan, my son was on 3 different types of medications (Zyrtec, Singulair, and Focalin (ADHD Psyc med).  Right before we began the testing for his ADHD problems his ADHD medication was causing him to have tics (head jerking, eyes blinking, etc.).  His child psych. doctor informed me that there were no other medications that he could take because of all the problems and side effects, that he has had in the past.  We tried several meds for the ADHD but nothing worked for him.  Now that we know about his allergies and he is being treated for them, I've seen a big difference in his behavior - hyper and other problems.  I can't believe what a difference I've seen in my son.  I'm so happy for him and glad he is no longer on all of those medications.  Instead of covering up the problem, we have treated the problem.  Thank you.

P.S.:  I would recommend anyone with a child that has the same problems as my son to stick with Dr. Sultan and you will see an improvement in your child _____ their growth!


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: Allergies to inhalants and foods are important causes for physical and as well as mental ailments in both children and adults. To learn more about these I strongly recommend that you search for and watch Dr. Doris Rapp on YouTube

32. Severe Bloating / Constipation / Diarrhea, Fatigue

Julie W

I came to Dr. Sultan after years of experiencing uncomfortable reactions to eating which I love to do!   I noticed that after certain foods like pizza or ice cream my stomach would bloat up and cramp so that doubling over was the only thing I could do to alleviate the problem.  My mother suggested I might have Candida and begged me to see Dr. Sultan.  She had been seeing him for a few months and spoke highly of him.  Since I began treatment last fall, I am no longer experiencing the digestive problems that were so out of control last fall. I no longer crave the foods that were continuing to make me sick.  I have energy and my PMS (which was sometimes debilitating) is practically unnoticeable.  I am a happier, healthier person.  While the head can be difficult, it is worth the effort!


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: when you get well, we propose you to look around in your family, friends and people you care about the most and see who is suffering. Teach them the importance of treating the cause. This is what her mother did. Unless you educate people have no clue that they can get well so easily.

33. Fatigue, Mood Swings, Poor Memory

Danielle P

I came to see Dr. Sultan two months ago for hypothyroid.   With his treatment I feel great.  I would recommend anyone to see Dr. Sultan that is having problems that other doctors can't help them.


Dr. Sultan’s Comments: Low thyroid is the most important cause for fatigue. It also affects your brain function. The key is making the right diagnosis and then treatment is a breeze.






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