DEDICATED TO FINDING THE CAUSE: Dr Sultan’s approach is very simple: "Find the cause and treat the cause – that’s how patients will actually get better."

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

How is Environmental & Allergy Center’s mission statement being implemented?

1.We are dedicated to treating patients who suffer from a wide range of chronic ailments: If you see the index of success stories in our waiting room, it reveals we treat all sorts of diseases. Follow the link above to review “SCOPE OF FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE”. This gives more details and shows we treat diseases belonging to all organ systems including neurological, neuro-psychiatric, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

2. EHAC is a one-stop facility for the entire family, focused on treating the cause: when one person in a family gets well, they bring in other members of their family. Most of our referrals come from our own patients

3.We bring awareness to the option of treating the causes upstream and benefits associated: Instead of treating ailments by using medicines downstream, we treat problems by analyzing the possible environmental and other causes. See our success stories! They show which symptoms improved in our patients and the medicines they don’t use anymore!

4. Principles of Functional Medicine are applied to bring the most effective and affordable care that people love: These patients are hardly spending any money on downstream medical care like antihistamines, bronchial dilators, antidepressants, pain medicines, physicians etc. They don’t have a need to visit physicians of various specialties or pharmacies for ongoing downstream symptomatic care. These are the real savings that are not possible with symptomatic treatment.

5. But many have never heard of  “treating the cause”: The regret that most patients have is wishing they had known about upstream care earlier so that they could have avoided years or decades of misery and wasted money. One patient came to us after spending $1,000,000 on health care (not with us) and now she is a success story.These are the ways that we will fulfill our mission statement in your treatment and will do our best to achieve these goals.

What do people lose when they make the switch to upstream medical care? Their faith! Many people lose faith in the downstream medical care system and the notion that it is the only and the best way to treat! With upstream care, they also lose their symptoms, medicines and physician(s).

What are they likely to gain? Real health and knowledge how to get well and stay well for decades!

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