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Condition Treated: Thyroid Magnesium Treatment
Symptoms: Headaches, weight gain
Initials: C.M.
Age: 63
Story: “Since I have been coming to Dr. Sultan I have more energy, less muscle aches, pains and most of all I have almost no more headaches thanks to the low-carbs diet I am following. The low-carbs diet has helped me with weight loss and mental clarity. Dr. Sultan has put me on the right path. Thank you! I sleep much better now!” April 2018
Condition Treated: Hives
Symptoms: joint pain and hives
Initials: A.B.
Age: 47
Story: “I came in to see Dr. Sultan because I had joint pain and hives that would wake me up in the middle of the night. The joint pain was so bad at times I could not even walk. After seeing Dr. Sultan, he pin pointed my problems with having too much yeast in my body, that was after a series of testing. Now its been 6 weeks and my hives are almost gone and I have not had any joint pain to date.” April 2018
Condition Treated: Acne, Hypothyroidism
Symptoms: zero energy, cystic acne, severe constipation, and constantly tired
Initials: G.B.
Age: 23
Story: “At the beginning I was prescribed Leuothyroxine for my hypothyroidism. After about a year of taking this medication my symptoms remain the same. I had zero energy, cystic acne, severe constipation, and constantly tired. Dr. Sultan ended up introducing me to naturethroid instead of the synthetic thyroid medication I was previously taking. After a couple of months my symptoms all improved tremendously. Some slight diet changes were made but overall using the naturethroid made a world of difference.” April 2018
Condition Treated: Magnesium Deficiency and SIFO
Symptoms: Stomach pain, chronic fatigue, insomnia, joint/ muscle pain
Initials: L.B.
Age: 31
Story: “I have only just been seeing Dr. Sultan for 6 weeks. I came to him with a very long list of complaints. Severe and agonizing stomach pains, chronic fatigue, insomnia, joint/ muscle pains, the list goes on. For approximately 5 years I felt like I was barely living. I was depressed, exhausted, in pain and confused as to why doctors could not help me. I was also skeptical of what Dr. Sultan said he could do. Today just 6 weeks since starting treatment. I came to the office gleaming! I am already feeling much better! I was able to mark numerous improvements on my charts rather than countless complaints. Those agonizing stomach pains are essentially gone! Joint and muscle pain over 75% better. I am sleeping more sound and although I am still experiencing fatigue it is improving day by day. Although my life circumstances remain the same, I find myself handling anxiety and depression far better. I am very much looking forward to continuing treatment and feeling better and healthier through it! Dr. Sultan has my complete trust!” April 2018
Condition Treated: Magnesium Deficiency/ Candida
Symptoms: stomach pains, irritability often, fatigue, brain fog, and lack of concentration
Initials: N.K.
Story: “Since seeing Dr. Sultan, and discovery I had a candida overgrowth and magnesium deficiency, I am taking Nystatin, avoiding sugar and following candida diet, and taking tri-magnesium. Over the past 5 weeks, I see a significant increase in energy and overall well feeling. I no longer feel “sick all over” or have stomach pains after eating. I struggled with a feeling of irritability often, fatigue, brain fog, and lack of concentration. These all have subsided as well. I feel happier, more energized, and focused. I could not be more thankful for what Dr. Sultan has done for my health.” March 2016
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