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Condition Treated: ADD and Thyroid issues
Symptoms: Weight gain, fatigue, cold hands and feet constantly
Initials: S.K.
Age: 58
Story: “When I first came to see Dr. Sultan. I was fatigued, cold hands and feet all the time, taking medications for ADD, significant weight gain. Within a couple of months of seeing Dr. Sultan, he had evaluated all my prior blood work. Prioritized what to focus on and made me aware of things my body was trying to tell me. He observed, assessed, and use lab tests to confirm what he was seeing. I am now on a natural thyroid, have lost 21 pounds, have reduced my ADD medication, and am beginning to feel stronger and more alert.” June 2018
Condition Treated: Candida
Symptoms: tics
Initials: K.N.
Age: 7
Story: “My daughter began experiencing motor tics around the age of 3. They appeared as continually touching her face, clearing her throat, and humming. Tics progressively worsened, and we saw a pediatric neurologist who diagnosed her with Tourette Syndrome. Medication wasn’t suggested…..yet in the meantime, I found Dr. Sultan. After a thorough examination, he put her on the candida diet, with supplement Nystatin. With a week and a half, her tics stopped almost 80% and progressively improved to 95% and more. Today she experiences only minor tics, such as sucking in her stomach and touching her face. It’s hardly noticeable and isn’t at all bothersome to her. On top, she previously had a very significant aversion to clothing textures and refused to wear clothing with seams. Today she wears virtually anything. It’s amazing to see the impact of sugar and yeast on the body! She is able to self-regulate her diet at the age of 7! We can’t thank Dr. Sultan enough!” April 2018
Condition Treated: Fibromyalgia
Symptoms: Arthritis, food sensitivities, high blood pressure, diarrhea
Initials: B.G.
Age: 57
Story: “Within the first 3 months of seeing Dr. Sultan, I saw more results in the right direction than I had seen in the past 3 years! Magnesium IV’s and supplements made a big change in lowering my blood pressure and reducing pain. I was able to go off the Gabapentin and Pennsaid. I was sleeping well at night and not waking in pain in the mornings. My energy level began to increase. Than we began to dig deeper into my food sensitivities. I knew I had several but I learned that I had far more than I was aware of. The worst one was to yeast. When I did the ingesting test for yeast, within 5 minutes my fingers swelled up a lot, then it moved to my elbows, my shoulder, then down my back and settled in my lower back and hips. It took a week for the reaction to subside! Since going off yeast, taking Nystatin, and weekly antigen therapy for yeast, my pain has reduced even more. I use to go to the chiropractor 1 time a week or more. Now I go once a month or so. My hands aren’t perfect, but they are not getting worse and the pain is tolerable. I take no pain medication. Even though I made large changes in my diet, I still continued to deal with diarrhea constantly. I also had a challenge that my right hand would shake when I tried to write. Dr. Sultan said he suspected our gas stove in the kitchen. So we decided to turn off the gas, get an electric hot plate, and see if in a couple of weeks if that made a difference. Within 2 days of turning it off, the diarrhea stopped! The hand tremors are at 80% improvement. I can fill out forms again and you can read it! So I got an electric stove for Christmas. This has been a process. At this time, I have been seeing Dr. Sultan for about 15 months. There is not a “one pill fixes it all” solution. It has taken a journey to get where I am today. And the journey is not over. But I have much less pain, much more energy, and much less time spent in the bathroom! It has been well worth it at this point and I look forward to the continued progress.” April 2018
Condition Treated: Magnesium deficiency, thyroid
Symptoms: weak, fatigue
Initials: E.M.
Age: 85
Story: "1. 2017 Before Dr. Sultan: Easter I was so tired in bed I missed Church. 2018 After Dr: Easter I took the train to Kansas City, went to church, out to dinner after, and still felt strong. 2. 2017 Before: Exhausted in March during True/False festival was in bed. 2018 After Dr: March True/ False festival saw 9 movies from Friday to Sunday 3. 2018 After Dr: At my grandson’s wedding someone asked how old I was, and was surprised I was 85. They thought I was 70. I did dance like I was 70. " April 2018
Condition Treated: SIFO
Symptoms: fatigue, constipation, migraine headaches, weight gain, sensitivity to cold, and irritability
Initials: L.P.
Age: 45
Story: "For the past 10 years, I have been treated by a traditional MD for hypothyroidism using synthetic medications. I did receive some relief from my symptoms, but never felt normal. I still experienced fatigue, constipation, migraine headaches, weight gain, sensitivity to cold, and irritability. My traditional doctor repeatedly told me the only way to treat my symptoms was with a pill. After years of suffering a friend of a friend of mine recommended I see Dr. Sultan and as a last option, I decided to make and initial appointment. That step changed my life. I was so impressed with Dr. Sultan’s methodology and that he spent so much time truly listening to me and reviewing my entire medical history. After the first appointment, we had a 7-point game plan and he immediately started me on the path of recovery. He explained so many things to me and could tell me why/ what was causing the symptoms I experienced for years. The move from synthetic thyroid medicine to natural thyroid made such a difference in my daily life, but the surprise to me was my diagnosis of SIFO. I had no idea that my gut was responsible for many of my symptoms. After years of being told a change in diet would not help me, I was astounded in the change when I followed the guidance of Dr. Sultan and eliminated yeast and sugar. My stomach issues went away and I lost 18 pounds and have so much more energy. Thank you, Dr. Sultan, for seeing me as a person and working hand in hand with me to give me my life back. I’m happier, healthier, and feel I can concentrate/ focus on my life instead of my health issues.” April 2018
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