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Condition Treated: Chronic Fatigue
Symptoms: Severe headaches, PMS, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, pain
Initials: V.B.
Age: 32
Story: For over 5 years, I had experienced severe chronic headaches, excessive fatigue and severe PMS, anxiety, depression, and pain. After a 6-week bout of severe depression and about 20 Tylenol tablets each day, I decided I couldn’t live like that anymore. My 4 children needed a “real” mother, not the irritable and sad person I’d been for 5 years. In desperation, I contacted Dr. Sultan. Now, eight months later, I have been able to expand my career as a labor assistant and lactation consultant, since for the first time in my life I have the energy most other “normal” people have. But most of all, my kids now have a mom who has the energy to “run around” and play with them, and who is no longer irritable and “snapping” at them all the time. My headaches and PMS problems are almost completely gone. Now I can finally have the career I wanted, helping people with birth and babies, and above all, I have the loving family and home atmosphere I’ve always dreamed of.
Condition Treated: Menopause
Symptoms: Nasal Congestion, Tiredness, Tennis Elbow, Sinus Headaches, Dry Eyes, Hot Flashes
Initials: L.M.
Age: ?
Story: Story:When I came to see Dr. Sultan, I was putting up with a number of menopausal symptoms. I also had a lot of pain in my arm from a 'tennis elbow' injury which just didn't seem to heal and made even handwriting difficult. After seeing Dr. Sultan, my symptoms have gradually been disappearing and now, about 8-9 months later, I'm consistently feeling great, with no symptoms. I've really appreciated Dr. sultan's dedication and thoroughness as well as his staff's many kindnesses.
Condition Treated: Hypothyroidism
Symptoms: Hypothyroidism, constipation, irregular periods, cold hands and feet
Initials: P.H.
Age: 39
Story: Several months ago, I came to Dr. Sultan with problems of constipation, irregular periods, cold hands and feet. After some blood work we discovered a problem with my thyroid. I have been treated with Armour thyroid and it has shown a significant difference in the symptoms mentioned above! We have done more blood work and my thyroid levels are where they should be. Another note: I recently went to my annual eye appointment and my eye doctor told me eyes have improved due to my corrected thyroid.
Condition Treated: Hypothyroidism
Symptoms: Hypothyroid, severe fatigue
Initials: R.B.
Age: 43
Story: Wow! Where to begin . . . I had all but given up. None of my doctors would acknowledge that my weight gain, fatigue, mind fog, were anything but hormones, age, and diet. Well, I took my health in my own hands and along with Dr. Sultan my life has been transformed. It’s truly amazing what a little pill and diet and exercise can do. Thank you, Dr. Sultan.
Condition Treated: Hypothyroidism
Symptoms: Hypothyroidism: Extreme fatigue, hair loss, mental confusion, depression
Initials: K.K.
Age: 46
Story: My thyroid levels were tested by a traditional endocrinologist and found to be “slightly high”, indicating low thyroid – however my symptoms were very disturbing to me: Extreme fatigue, hair loss, mental confusion, depression, etc. I could barely function. The endocrinologist refused to prescribe Armour thyroid, even though I requested it and instead gave me Synthroid. I did not find any relief from my symptoms with Synthroid. Dr. Sultan was willing to prescribe Armour thyroid and almost immediately I started to feel better. I know that to feel my best, my thyroid levels should be on the low side. Most doctors only look at numbers – not symptoms. Dr. Sultan was willing to work on getting me to actually feel better, not just look good on paper!
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