Condition Description

A condition characterized by underproduction of thyroid hormone that affects the metabolic function of the body’s cells. Where the pituitary is the cause the condition is referred to as secondary Hypothyroidism while where the hypothalamus is at fault it is referred to as tertiary Hypothroidism.

Common Symptoms

  • Fatigue, including severe cases or cases only in the morning or at the end of the day
  • Feeling excessively cold or having cold hands or feet
  • Dry skin or rough skin
  • Hair loss

Underlying Causes

  • Genetic factors
  • Nutritional deficiencies of iodine, zinc, copper, iron, selenium, or tyrosine
  • Radioactive iodine treatment for Grave’s disease (hyperthyroidism) may result in permanent Hypothyroidsim
  • Thyroidectomy
  • Heavy metal toxicity from mercury, lead, or cadmium may cause thyroid hormone resistance.
  • Yeast overgrowth

Traditional Approach

  • Synthetic thyroid hormone T4 such as Synthroid, Levothyroxine, Levoxyl, Levothroid, Unithroid
  • Synthetic T3 such as Cytomel
  • A synthetic combination of T4 and T3 such as Thyrolar

EHC Approach

  • Natural thyroid hormone replacement with Armour thyroid, Naturethroid, or Westhroid
  • Iodine supplemention
  • Nutritional supplementation of zinc, copper, iron, selenium or tyrosine
  • Identify and treat toxic metal overload
  • Identify and treat yeast overgrowth

Success Stories

Condition Treated: Osteoporosis, Unwanted weight loss, severe fatigue, severe abdominal pain, irritability, osteoporosis, adrenal insufficiency, allergies, hypoglycemia, extreme mood swings, malnourishment, acne, anemia, thyroid problem.
Initials: R.
Age 60
Tags Food allergy; Food Allergies; Food sensitivity; Foods; Food Sensitivities. osteoporosis; Osteopenia. Adrenal Insufficiency, Low Adrenals; Adrenal, Adrenals Candida, SIFO, Small Intestinal Fungal overgrowth, Yeast Overgrowth. Magnesium deficiency; Hypomagnesemia; Low magnesium; mineral deficiency; mineral deficiencies. Irritable bowel syndrome; IBS. Chronic fatigue; chronic fatigue syndrome; CFS.
Story: When I first came to Dr. Sultan, I was severely allergic/sensitive to almost all foods. My immune system was in a hyper-reactive state, and I was eating only 5 different vegetables and nothing else, because if I did, I would become extremely uncomfortable and fatigued and with 2 young boys, I could not afford that. So, by the time I visited Dr. Sultan on June 5th, 2006, I weighed 81 pounds (my normal weight is 110-115, I am very petite) and I literally could not climb a flight of 14 stairs because I was so fatigued and malnourished. I also had bad acne, yeast infections, extreme mood swings and irritability, and my menstrual cycle had ceased. I was in very rough shape and fearing for my life. Dr. Sultan immediately administered nutritional and amino acid I.V.’s (10 of each), recognized that I was suffering from adrenal insufficiency and prescribed Cortef (20 mg/day). I tested positive for yeast/molds and was put on extract shots (1 per week) and had me tested and diagnosed with osteoporosis and osteopenia, which shocked me because I had danced for 20 years, until I was about 26 years old (I'’ now 36). He began supplementing calcium, magnesium, copper, potassium, and iron for my anemia. It is now September 23, 2006 (almost 4 months since first visit) and I have significantly improved! I now weigh 106.8 lbs. (over 25 lbs. More!) and my energy has increased dramatically! I can tolerate many foods now. My skin has cleared up, and I have a healthy glow about me! (When I began, I looked like a “walking ghost”.) I exercise regularly, walk a lot, and have no problem climbing several flights of stairs. In fact, I plan to begin dance classes next week. I also have much better control over my moods now that I know to eat more frequently (diagnosed with hypoglycemia) and my menstrual cycle began again on September 5th (I never thought I would be happy about menstruating, but I am glad it happened!) with very slight PMS symptoms. And no more abdominal pain!! Needless to say, I no longer fear for my life. I feel as though Dr. Sultan has brought me back from the dead, and I am incredibly grateful for his help! I had been to over 21 doctors prior to Dr. Sultan and was very distressed at how little they knew about my condition (IBS) and nutrition. Dr. Sultan is the first doctor that I feel safe with, that I am in good hands. I cannot express adequately how grateful I am. I’ve been given my life back! Dr. Sultan still plans to treat my thyroid and my osteoporosis will take time to improve, but I KNOW it will! Anyone who is skeptical or uncertain about his practice should look no further! He will most certainly put you on the path to good health, as long as you are willing to make the necessary adjustments. And isn’t good health what you want? To get your life back: What do you have to lose? I’ve gained tremendously!
Dr Sultan’s Comments No matter how sick you are, there is always a hope that you can get well. It is never too late if you really put your efforts into treating the cause. Free words can change your life-treat the cause.
Condition Treated: Hypothyroidism, extreme fatigue, hair loss, mental confusion, depression
Initials: K.K.
Age 46
Tags Hypothyroidism; low thyroid; thyroid. Chronic fatigue; chronic fatigue syndrome; CFS.
Story: My thyroid levels were tested by a traditional endocrinologist and found to be “slightly high” (TSH), indicating low thyroid – however my symptoms were very disturbing to me: Extreme fatigue, hair loss, mental confusion, depression, etc. I could barely function. The endocrinologist refused to prescribe Armour thyroid, even though I requested it and instead gave me Synthroid. I did not find any relief from my symptoms with Synthroid. Dr. Sultan was willing to prescribe Armour thyroid and almost immediately I started to feel better. I know that to feel my best, my thyroid levels should be on the low side. Most doctors only look at numbers – not symptoms. Dr. Sultan was willing to work on getting me to actually feel better, not just look good on paper!
Dr Sultan’s Comments I cannot emphasize enough that natural thyroid works much better than synthetic thyroid. We have taken many patients off synthetic thyroid and they have done just wonderful on natural thyroid
Condition Treated: Hypertension, Exhaustion, Aches, Lack of Muscle Strength, Muscle Cramps, Hypothyroid, Weight gain
Initials: J.B.
Tags Magnesium deficiency; Hypomagnesemia; Low magnesium; mineral deficiency; mineral deficiencies. Hypothyroidism; low thyroid; thyroid. Chronic fatigue; chronic fatigue syndrome; CFS.
Story: When I first came to Dr. Sultan, I was exhausted. My bones ached, my muscles had no strength, and I was suffering from muscle cramps throughout my body. I had been to doctor after doctor, had most of my parathyroid and half of my thyroid removed, been placed on high blood pressure medication, and been told there was nothing wrong with me. Dr. Sultan provided an assessment of just what was happening with my body and proposed a course of treatment. After only one magnesium injection, I felt an extreme relief of the cramping and muscle fatigue. Dr. Sultan also placed me on a natural thyroid (medication) to replace the synthetic thyroid prescribed by another doctor that was not working. The thyroid change has made the most significant difference in my outlook and ability to function. With continued care and using a prioritized list of my issues, Dr. Sultan is slowly addressing my health concerns. Next on my list are the high blood pressure and my weight control. Thank you, Dr. Sultan, for improving my quality of life to the point where I look forward to each day with hope!
Dr Sultan’s Comments Natural thyroid works much better then synthetic thyroid. It has been shown repeatedly. You cannot take no answer as the final verdict. You must try to find somebody who can help you. You are living in an era where there is a lot of knowledge available solve no matter what problems you have. But you must find that help.
Condition Treated: Candidiasis, Low Thyroid
Initials: D.N.
Tags Hypothyroidism; low thyroid; thyroid. Chronic fatigue; chronic fatigue syndrome; CFS. Candida, SIFO, Small Intestinal Fungal overgrowth, Yeast Overgrowth.
Story: When I first started treatment in May of 1990, I was not sure this treatment would help my symptoms. I had memory loss, fatigue, mood swings, itching of the arms, lack of concentration, light headedness, sore throats, and sinus infections. Now one year later, all my symptoms have improved, and many disappeared. At times when I stray from the diet, I have recurring symptoms. With the medicine and diet, I have improved 100%. I am thrilled with the results.
Dr Sultan’s Comments This is an interesting dilemma for people-which specialist one should see? We are trained to go to physicians who are organ oriented like cardiologist, gastroenterologist, rheumatologist etc. This patient was not sure why should he go to an allergy practice when he has problem with memory loss, fatigue, and mood swings. Typically, he should have seen a psychiatrist. This may not matter which specialist a patient sees if the physician is looking upstream for the cause. Various causes of chronic illness affect the body as a whole and effects are not necessarily limited to the organ of his specialty. To look for the cause, a physician cannot limit his practice to one organ. He should be able to look at patient beyond boundaries of his specialty. If he does not do that then he cannot come even close to the root cause. He is left with only option-treat symptoms with medicines. This is the biggest shortcoming of our medicine. As a result, patients suffer unnecessarily. Specialty boundaries have less meaning to physicians who are trained to look upstream. They are like “Physicians without Borders” no matter what their specialty is and no matter what symptoms patient has, they look upstream. They will look at practically any problem or any number of problems. As an example, apparently unrelated problems like headache, runny nose, coughing, wheezing, difficulty in breathing, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, digestive upset etc. may have a common thread. One of your most important quest should be looking for a physician who specializes in Functional Medicine or upstream medicine
Condition Treated: Natural Thyroid instead of Synthroid
Initials: R.R.
Tags Hypothyroidism; low thyroid; thyroid. Obesity; overweight; weight gain. Chronic fatigue; chronic fatigue syndrome; CFS. Insomnia; sleep disorder; Sleeping disorder, sleep problems; waking up at night.
Story: Tiredness, energy levels, insomnia, lower cholesterol levels, mental concentration, depression, and fatigue have all increased dramatically since being switched to the natural thyroid. Problems with weight gain have also disappeared. I am back to functioning normal after 3 years.
Dr Sultan’s Comments This is an unfortunate situation that while natural thyroid being the treatment of choice, it has largely been replaced with synthetic thyroid like Synthroid. This is because Synthroid being a new medication and like new cars sell more expensive than the old cars, Armour Thyroid has been put on the back seat. If anyone you know is taking Synthroid and still has fatigue, tiredness, morning fatigue, tiredness by the end of the day, feeling excessively cold or has cold hands or cold feet or dry skin it is important to explore the possibility or switching to Armour Thyroid and see that improves his condition.
Condition Treated: Eczema
Initials: M.B.
Tags Hypothyroidism; low thyroid; thyroid. Candida, SIFO, Small Intestinal Fungal overgrowth, Yeast Overgrowth. Atopic Dermatitis, Eczema
Story: When I first became a patient here, my arms and face were red, swollen and covered with a rash. Dr. Sultan tested me for many things and started treating me with allergy injections, supplements, thyroid, and nystatin. I changed my diet, learned to give myself allergy shots and saw immediate results. I cannot thank Dr. Sultan and his Staff enough.
Dr Sultan’s Comments One of the themes you will repeatedly see with these success stories is that no matter how complex and complicated problems you may have it may be so easy to turn your health around. You should be smart enough to find such help and humble enough to accept that help.
Condition Treated: Thyroid, Candida
Initials: J.K.
Tags Candida, SIFO, Small Intestinal Fungal overgrowth, Yeast Overgrowth. Hypothyroidism; low thyroid; thyroid. Infertility; Miscarriage; Miscarriages; Pregnancy.
Story: I came to Dr. Sultan with a very skeptical attitude after feeling terrible all over for as long as I can remember. I had been through every test imaginable, found to have a slightly low thyroid level and was given Synthroid and told that was it - I would have to live with it. That was about 6 months ago, and the improvement is astounding! I can now concentrate on things, my joints are not painful (I could hardly open jars), have energy and feel great. Dr. Sultan also changed Synthroid to natural thyroid which made a big difference. As previously my body temperature was exceptionally low - felt like I was in hibernation! I am also 5 months pregnant after 5 miscarriages over a 15year time span, a very unexpected bonus! I cannot recommend Dr. Sultan highly enough. 01/04/96 & 07/17/96 I have just had my first full term pregnancy at the age of 39! After 22 years and four miscarriages, I am thrilled. After each miscarriage I was never given my reasons, just told that, "Well at least now you know you can conceive." Believe me, that was no help. My health had been getting worse over the last 5 years and I was told I may have Lupus. I came to Dr. Sultan about 18 months ago - quite honestly not very hopeful, after so many doctors and no answers - just Prozac and a pep- talk. I was taken off Synthroid and put on (desiccated) thyroid and treated for Candidiasis. Within 4 months I felt terrific, better than in years. Then I started to feel a bit queasy and tired. I thought the treatment was failing -- too good to be true. I then found I was pregnant with baby Alexis! I am convinced the treatment I received from Dr. Sultan made this possible. I am so happy. Thank You.
Dr Sultan’s Comments An incredibly sad story ending up with a success story after five miscarriages and trying for 22 years the first full-time pregnancy with good outcome. One of the most important reasons for infertility, miscarriage and premature labor is unsuspected hypothyroidism. This case illustrates both points-that natural thyroid is a much better option than synthetic thyroid and right thyroid preparation and right dose are the key to many infertility cases. It cost pennies a day vs. extensive infertility workup and in-vitro fertilization etc. This possibility must be kept in mind in all cases of infertility especially at a younger age
Condition Treated: Hypothyroidism
Initials: M.M.
Age 21
Tags Hypothyroidism; low thyroid; thyroid. Chronic fatigue; chronic fatigue syndrome; CFS.
Story: At the age of 21, I came to Doctor Sultan's office suffering from extreme fatigue, poor memory and several different health complaints. I went to doctor after doctor looking for help and found none. After years of seeking an answer on my own, I stumbled on to Dr. Sultan's office. I am glad to say that now I am feeling better than I have in five years and may even return to my favorite pastime, sports.
Dr Sultan’s Comments Imagine being 21-year-old and suffering from extreme fatigue, poor memory, and a lot of other complaints. Downstream medical care for the symptoms is not the answer for long lasting relief. You got to look upstream for the causes.
Condition Treated: Feeling Cold, Hair Loss, Miscarriages
Initials: D.H.
Tags Hypothyroidism; low thyroid; thyroid.
Story: I was referred to Dr. Sultan by a close friend. Having mild symptoms, I felt frustrated with no answers. We began thyroid treatment immediately. Resulting in a dramatic decrease of symptoms. Although after meeting Dr. Sultan approximately 6 months ago, I may not have found the "fountain of youth" but I feel more youthful, energetic, positive, less depressed, less tired, and a better outlook on life. Thank you, Dr. Sultan.
Dr Sultan’s Comments The single most important cause for this combination of feeling excessively cold, hair loss and miscarriages is unsuspected low thyroid. If you are feeling fatigued and tired for no good reason, it is important then you be evaluated by a physician specializing in Functional Medicine because many times your thyroid test will be within the normal range because there is a wide normal range. For example, a standard test for thyroid is TSH where the norms are 0.45 to 4.5. It means that your TSH can be 10 x one way or the other and still the results are within the normal range.
Condition Treated: Allergies
Initials: M.G.
Tags Hypothyroidism; low thyroid; thyroid.
Story: Before coming to see Dr. Sultan, I had continuous sinus infections, tired, and a general sluggish feeling inside and outside my body. I knew it had nothing to do with depression - it had to do with my diet and my environment. Dr. Sultan gave me the information I had been seeking for 15 years. I could change how I felt by changing the way I ate and using vitamins and minerals that my body was lacking. My body has not felt so clean inside and out in 15 years. I feel as though I took each organ out and bathed it and returned it to its proper place. I have lost 16 LBS without dieting.
Dr Sultan’s Comments To battle chronic health conditions, Functional Medicine uses two scientifically grounded principles: 1. Add what is lacking in the body to nudge its physiology back to state of optimal functioning. 2. Remove anything that impairs the body from moving forward to this optimal state of physiology. In her case she was treated for yeast overgrowth, magnesium deficiency and hypothyroidism. Fifteen years of problems vanished quickly.
Condition Treated: Fatigue, Difficult Concentration, Depression
Initials: D.C.
Tags Hypothyroidism; low thyroid; thyroid. Magnesium deficiency; Hypomagnesemia; Low magnesium; mineral deficiency; mineral deficiencies. Chronic fatigue; chronic fatigue syndrome; CFS.
Story: For the past few years, I had been feeling very fatigued. I had surgery for apnea, sleep studies, CPAP, a very wide variety of psychoactive drugs such as Prozac. Nothing worked. At the same time, I had severe allergies all the time and was overall very miserable with itchy skin, inflamed sinuses, and eruptions on my back and arms. This had lasted over 10 years. Over the course of a few short months, with treatments for magnesium deficiency, poor diet, Candidiasis, and hypothyroid, all these conditions were nearly completely reversed. I have more energy than I can ever remember having and can breathe with almost no sinus problems! It is amazing.
Dr Sultan’s Comments You can treat patient either downstream with medicines or surgery but still you do not get to the bottom of it. To turn the patient around, you must look upstream and look for the causes. You must ask why this person has these symptoms? This patient had illness for ten years, and within a few months he improved to the point that he was able to write a success story. The single most important hidden cause for fatigue is hypothyroidism and the most important cause for depression is gut problems that are often associated with yeast overgrowth and messed up gut microbiota.
Condition Treated: Dust and Mold, Magnesium
Initials: D.C.
Tags Inhalant; Dust and molds; Dust and molds allergy. Chemicals; Chemical Sensitivity; Chemical sensitivities; MCS; Multiple Chemical sensitivity Hypothyroidism; low thyroid; thyroid. Magnesium deficiency; Hypomagnesemia; Low magnesium; mineral deficiency; mineral deficiencies.
Story: I started my treatment with allergies with Dr. Sultan soon to be ten years ago in Collinsville in the fall of 1981.
If you could have seen me that day ten years ago and see me now, you would not believe it is the same person.
I truly was a pathetic sight physically. I was wiping my nose and eyes so much that I carried a box of Kleenex with me, my eyes were red and watery, and I was drained physically. It was hard for me to do simple chores around the home. I was in such distress. I had so much trouble remembering things and couldn't cope with daily living. In other words, a basket case.
That changed. I started taking dust and mold injections weekly and after only a few weeks was feeling much better. Also started taking thyroid. It took time, but after a while I had more energy, wasn't so sluggish.
Dr. Sultan suggested I purchase some books, "coping With Allergies", I started reading these books and found out ways to rid my house, garage, basement of chemicals and dust. I started using fragrance-free cosmetics. I started using Amway washing detergent. Covering my nose and mouth when using bleach, dusting the furniture frequently and running vacuum to rid my home of dust mites.
I cannot say enough about these books and highly recommend them to those who have allergies. It's our way to educate ourselves and to help us to become healthier people. I still refer to these books when something comes up that I don't know what to do. I am extremely sensitive to chemicals. Now that I know this, I never put gasoline in my car, I don't go outside when grass is being cut, don't go outside at all after 10:00 a.m. unless dire emergency. These are all ways I use to control the environment I live in.
Now that spring is here, I have another problem with the environment: grass and budding trees. I do not go outside when grass is being cut or go outside very often just to be in the outdoors, the sunshine, the beautiful flowers, and budding trees, all of these must be looked at only not smelled. I'm grateful I can see them from my window, I don't have to touch and smell them. One can enjoy the beauty from the inside looking out. I have found out the hard way with my allergies. I have educated myself through trial and error and experience is still my best teacher.
All of us who suffer from chronic allergies must take responsibility for our own health if we ever want to become healthier individuals. I am profoundly grateful for my allergist, Dr. Sultan, and his staff, who have helped me so very much and taught me how to cope and have good health. They treat and teach and I'm glad I learned and am still learning ways to experience healthy living in an unhealthy environment.
Last November, Dr. had me take magnesium testing. He found I was 52% deficient in magnesium and started magnesium injections of 300 mg weekly. The first injection made me feel like I was 20 years old again, not so much vitality as tranquility. I couldn't wait for the next injection. I do have more energy and physical wellbeing after being on magnesium injections for four months, plus taking magnesium complex daily.
After 10 years of being treated by me Doctor, I am wondering what is left. Believe it or not, there is usually something else to be treated for. As an example, I am in the allergy testing room right now being tested for trees and grass.
Someone once said: Life is one darn thing after another. I can say that for individuals with chronic allergy disease, 10 years is a long time, but I can say today it was worth every office visit (except for the finances) (just kidding), every injection, every allergy testing to feel this good or I'm saying great. - Jackie
Dr Sultan’s Comments She had problems with inhalant allergies and chemical sensitivities which were totally ruining her life. In her case she was a basket case. One of her major problems was chemical sensitivity. Taking care of these two things were major points her recovery. You may wonder what are the symptoms of chemical sensitivity?
Do following odors bother you like hair sprays, deodorants, perfumes, gasoline, Lysol, Pine-Sol, paints, varnishes, shellac, cigarette smoke, new carpeting, new clothing stores, floor cleaning products like Lysol, Pine-Sol etc. How is your sense of smell? Is it average, above average, or below average? If your sense of smell is above average, it is a marker for chemical sensitivity that your nose is telling you to stay away from those chemicals. If you have poor sense of smell where other people can smell but you cannot, it is a bad situation because you could be made sick from various chemical exposures, and you may have no clue that chemicals are at the root of your problems.
We checked her for magnesium deficiency and found out to have it. It was another factor in making her better. Magnesium is involved 600-700 enzyme systems and can affect any body organ. Here are some common symptoms of magnesium deficiency and if you have those you must know what your magnesium status is.
Symptoms of magnesium deficiency: Muscle ache, joint pains, low back pain, tightness in neck and shoulder muscles, muscle cramping, charley horses, headaches, and high blood pressure.
Condition Treated: Candida,. Hypothyroidism
Initials: R.S.
Tags Candida, SIFO, Small Intestinal Fungal overgrowth, Yeast Overgrowth. Hypothyroidism; low thyroid; thyroid. Anxiety, Anxious. Chronic fatigue; chronic fatigue syndrome; CFS. headaches; Migraine headaches; Migraines; Cluster headaches; Headache; Sinus headaches.
Story: I would like to describe to you a miracle. Before I came to see Dr. Sultan, I was feeling sick all over, headaches, bloating, diarrhea, indigestion, fatigued, cold, dry skin and skin rashes. I was even having some symptoms that I thought were related to heart problems such as a rapid heartbeat which at times appeared to me to be irregular. I also felt quite depressed and anxious. I had gone to several doctors - an internist, a heart specialist, and a psychologist - all of whom couldn't tell me what was wrong. It was so discouraging. Well, I remembered driving past Dr. Sultan's office - the Allergy Treatment Center - many times and this time I thought that maybe it was an allergy related problem. Well -- that was November -- and here it is February. I do not have the symptoms I described earlier! Dr. Sultan did a series of tests, and the results were: Candida and Hypothyroidism. An extract along with Nilstat and thyroid medicine were prescribed. Can it really make a difference? Absolutely -- I am feeling Great!
Dr Sultan’s Comments We must change perception about allergies. Most people think allergies are coughing, wheezing, sneezing, and itching but that’s an extremely limited view. The new field of Environmental Medicine focuses on the underlying causes and treats it at the root level rather than treating at the flower or fruit level. Flowers and fruits are product of the cause. If you don’t treat the problem at the root level things will trickle down affecting various organ systems. Depending on the organ system we may choose a specialist like a cardiologist, pulmonologist, rheumatologist etc. This is what specialization is in medicine- focusing on a geographical part of the body and treating it symptomatically. No matter what organs involved you got to look at the problem from the functional point of view meaning treating the cause.
Condition Treated: Thyroid, Foods
Initials: J.S.
Tags Candida, SIFO, Small Intestinal Fungal overgrowth, Yeast Overgrowth. Hypothyroidism; low thyroid; thyroid. Asthma; Bronchial asthma; bronchitis; RAD; Reactive Airway Disease; chest congestion; difficulty breathing; Breathing problems; Dust and molds. headaches; Migraine headaches; Migraines; Cluster headaches; Headache; Sinus headaches. Constipation.
Story: Since 1963, after working in a tobacco factory for 5 years I became very allergic with bronchitis. I went to Dr. William T K Bryan and was treated by him. He retired and Dr. Sultan took his patient referrals. I became better. In 1972, I had surgery for gall bladder and had a bladder infection. After taking 2 rounds of antibiotics, I began swelling with hives and became extremely sick with fainting spells. Currently, Dr. Bryan was treating me. Again, I got better. I had another infection in the ___ and again took 2 rounds of antibiotics. Again, I got extremely sick with bladder infection, migraine headaches, constipation, the pressure went high in my eyes, this is when I found a letter that Dr. Sultan had sent to me when he took over Dr. Byron's practice. I called him in 1987. He treated me for Candida which I believe I have had all my life.
Dr Sultan’s Comments Dr. William T. K Brian was a very brilliant ENT physician from Clayton Missouri. He developed cytotoxic test for food allergies which has been replaced now by more effective allergy testing for foods like skin testing and feeding test. However, I took over his practice and that’s how she came to me. It was about the same time that the concept of gut microbiota and yeast were being recognized as important causes for chronic illness. In addition, she had low thyroid and food allergies and when these problems were taken care in combination, she improved markedly
Condition Treated: Inhalants, Candida, Thyroid, Magnesium
Initials: K.T.
Tags Candida, SIFO, Small Intestinal Fungal overgrowth, Yeast Overgrowth. Hypothyroidism; low thyroid; thyroid. Magnesium deficiency; Hypomagnesemia; Low magnesium; mineral deficiency; mineral deficiencies. Chronic fatigue; chronic fatigue syndrome; CFS. headaches; Migraine headaches; Migraines; Cluster headaches; Headache; Sinus headaches.
Story: One year ago, I was feeling so bad that I thought there had to be something seriously wrong with me. I had constant fatigue, recurrent sinus infections (which medication would help only for a short time), and severe headaches. These problems were progressing to the point that I wasn't sure if I could continue to work full-time as a counselor. Now, a year later, I am convinced I can be and will remain to be healthy. I have a renewed zest for life and look forward to each day. All my symptoms have not completely vanished; however, I do feel they are manageable. I'm feeling much better about every aspect of life. To Dr. Sultan and his wonderful staff, I say, "Thank You," for you have truly made a difference in my life!
Dr Sultan’s Comments When you have multiple problems no matter what the nature of the problems is, like fatigue, sinus problems, headaches, repeated sinus infections or you don’t know what the hell is wrong with you, it is the time to look for environmental allergies and most often you will find it to be related to your environment, nutrition, diet or hormones and taking care of those can be a beginning of new and happy life. My repeated message is go for the cause and not for the drugs. Drugs cannot solve chronic problems.
Condition Treated: Fibromyalgia, Low Thyroid
Initials: A.G.
Tags Hypothyroidism; low thyroid; thyroid. Candida, SIFO, Small Intestinal Fungal overgrowth, Yeast Overgrowth. Chronic fatigue; chronic fatigue syndrome; CFS. Fibromyalgia.
Story: There has been improvement in energy level on 3 gr Armour Thyroid. Fatigue and muscle pain have also improved with diet and Diflucan. My clarity of thinking, coldness and moodiness have also improved. I haven't had a sinus infection in several months.
Dr Sultan’s Comments Thyroid is not only important for energy production, but it also affects each and every organ, each and every tissue, each and every cell and each and every reaction inside a cell. Therefore, it is important for optimum brain function. That is one reason she is noticing improvement in her mental clarity.
Condition Treated: Low Thyroid, Depression
Initials: D.B.
Tags Hypothyroidism; low thyroid; thyroid
Story: I came into the office not feeling well at all, could hardly get up in the morning or function during the day. After coming to Dr. Sultan for only 3-1/2 months, I have more energy, a better outlook on life and feel much better during the day. I know I have more to go but I feel so much better now than I have in years.
Dr Sultan’s Comments You never, never, never, give up! What is the big deal? You can get well if you look for the cause
Condition Treated: Water Logged, Feeling Fatigue
Initials: R.Y.
Tags Hypothyroidism; low thyroid; thyroid. Chronic fatigue; chronic fatigue syndrome; CFS.
Story: When I first came here, I was too tired to get even the smallest chores done around the house. I had gained 60 pounds in a noticeably short time; I was very depressed and just couldn't function we mentally or physically. After taking my yeast and thyroid medication, I feel like a brand-new person! I want to thank Dr. Tipu Sultan very, very much for taking the time to listen to my problems and help me feel better. You also have kind nurses working and making a person feel at home.
Sincerely, Ruth
Dr Sultan’s Comments low thyroid is an important cause for debilitating fatigue and weight gain. Many people suffer for years, and the diagnosis of thyroid remains elusive. This is because physicians typically look at the lab values which may be within normal range and diagnosis is dismissed as labs are in normal range. They may be within normal limits, but it may not be normal for you. That is why a detailed medical history is more valuable than just lab test. History combined with lab tests and a trial of thyroid medications ensures that we don’t miss any case of hypothyroidism.
Condition Treated: Allergies, Thyroid, Candidiasis, Depression
Initials: A.V.
Tags Hypothyroidism; low thyroid; thyroid. Candida, SIFO, Small Intestinal Fungal overgrowth, Yeast Overgrowth. Obesity; overweight; weight gain. Chronic fatigue; chronic fatigue syndrome; CFS. headaches; Migraine headaches; Migraines; Cluster headaches; Headache; Sinus headaches.
Story: I came to see Dr. Sultan for my allergies and found out my problems as well as causes. It took time to overcome my problems. I have seen Dr. Sultan for three years now and have been improving gradually.
My health over the years has improved. No more: Sinus colds, earaches, clouded memory, and fatigue. I quit taking over-the-counter drugs for my sinuses and headaches. I have more energy , more before any good day I had in the past. I have lost weight. My overall health is now great!
Dr Sultan’s Comments some patients recover much earlier than this while for others it takes three or more years to call it a success story. Remember, as general rule people don’t sick overnight and don’t get overnight but they do get better. It might take a while.
Condition Treated: Interstitial cystitis
Initials: R.M.
Tags Hypothyroidism; low thyroid; thyroid. Magnesium deficiency; Hypomagnesemia; Low magnesium; mineral deficiency; mineral deficiencies.
Story: Since seeing Dr. Sultan, I feel I have gotten my life back. I had seen 7 different doctors who had done everything from a hysterectomy to experimental drugs to weekly DMSO treatments instilled through a catheter. When nothing resolved the pain, I was told it was all in my head.
After being referred here, I have been pain free for 3 months. I was diagnosed with low thyroid and treated with magnesium injections for the IC. I feel great and am awfully glad I came.
Dr Sultan’s Comments Interstitial cystitis is inflammation of inner lining of urinary bladder. Typically, who are you going to call? The urologist. If you have a bowel problem, who do you call? The gastroenterologist and it goes on and on. That is ok. However, if the specialist cannot find the cause who do you call? An Environmental allergist. Are you out of your mind- should I call an allergist for bladder problem? One particularly important lesson to learn from this history is that environmental factors can affect any organ-brain, gut, bladder, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system etc. and cause any number of symptoms. The second lesson to learn is that it is ok to consult a physician who specializes in a particular organ to rule out other causes. For heart problems you may want to consult a cardiologist, for digestive problems a gastroenterologist, for muscle and joint pain a rheumatologist etc. If a definite cause is not found or you are prescribed symptomatic treatment, it is good to seek out an Environmental Medicine physician. He can look the causes that the specialist is not trained to look at like environmental, nutritional, and hormonal etc.
Condition Treated: Tiredness and Headache
Initials: R.T.
Tags Hypothyroidism; low thyroid; thyroid. Magnesium deficiency; Hypomagnesemia; Low magnesium; mineral deficiency; mineral deficiencies. headaches; Migraine headaches; Migraines; Cluster headaches; Headache; Sinus headaches.
Story: At the beginning (first visit) I was having severe headaches every day. Along with this problem I felt very run down (tired very easily). By the time I should leave for work I would be wore out. My knees felt stiff, and the pain was the worst when I sat for a period of time and then tried to walk. After my first visit to Dr. Sultan, it was decided to concentrate on the headaches, find the cause and stop the headaches. This was accomplished by finding out my magnesium level was low. The next step was to address my being tired. By the initial exam it was believed my thyroid was not functioning properly. Proper tests and medication produced dramatic results.
Dr Sultan’s Comments I am in awe that there are so simple solutions to complex medical problems. In his case only two things-magnesium and natural thyroid turned his life around. These elementary solutions have no commercial value, so they don’t get promoted.
Condition Treated: Fibromyalgia, Fatigue
Initials: S.S.
Tags Candida, SIFO, Small Intestinal Fungal overgrowth, Yeast Overgrowth. Hypothyroidism; low thyroid; thyroid. Magnesium deficiency; Hypomagnesemia; Low magnesium; mineral deficiency; mineral deficiencies. Chronic fatigue; chronic fatigue syndrome; CFS. Fibromyalgia. Hypercholesterolemia; high cholesterol; hypertriglyceridemia; High triglycerides; Mixed hyperlipidemia
Story: It has been two years since I started treating myself using Dr. Sultan's Environmental Medicine approach. I believe my problems came about as a bad combination of long-term organic solvent exposures, peri-menopausal era of my life and an inherited tendency towards allergies. Over the past two years, Dr. Sultan's approach had helped me to eliminate a long-standing Candida syndrome and I no longer need any treatment to maintain no symptoms. I was diagnosed with very low thyroid function and natural supplementation and magnesium has reduced the terrible burning pain in all my muscles and AT LAST, I'm moving on to a regular exercise program. This in combination with hormone supplementation has taken me to a new level of recovered wellbeing. Last which should have been first (except I'm so whatever) I finally have energy to take on my biggest hurdle - my food sensitivities!
P.S.: I was able to reduce my cholesterol from 280+ to 190 using natural supplements! No side effects!
Dr Sultan’s Comments Here the main causes were chemical sensitivity resulting from organic solvents, hormonal in the form of low female hormones and low thyroid, and allergy in the form of yeast overgrowth. People are often given a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. It is a garbage can diagnosis. Fibromyalgia means you hurt all over there is no injury or no cause to explain your pain and misery. That is not true. Most of fibromyalgia results from nutritional, hormonal deficiencies, and allergy. Fix these causes and you say good-bye to aches and pain, chronic fatigue and other associated symptoms.
Condition Treated: Acne, Low Thyroid
Initials: A.K.
Tags Hypothyroidism; low thyroid; thyroid. Acne; cystic acne.
Story: When I turned 19, I had acne really bad. I felt like I was back in junior high. I came to Dr. Sultan and the results from his treatment plan for me were far better and healthier than any dermatologist treatment I had received in the past. While receiving treatment for acne, Dr. Sultan discovered I had low thyroid. My hands and feet were so cold all the time and I just thought I had low blood pressure or something. After receiving thyroid medication, my hands and feet finally felt normal! I even noticed more energy from the results! I am pleased with my acne free face, and lack of coldness/tiredness. Thanks, Dr. Sultan!
Dr Sultan’s Comments It is good that if you have a significant medical problem, you turn to a specialist. But the problem is that most specialists will often prescribe symptomatic treatment. That is unlikely to solve your problem. The bottom line is that you must treat the cause for any disease starting from A to Z.

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