Conditions We Treat

Most Common Conditions We Treat – But By No Means the Entire List

Here are some of the most common conditions we treat. By no means, it is an exhaustive list. How is it possible to treat so many diverse medical conditions through Environmental Medicine approach?

The answer is very simple. Please keep four things in mind:

  1. Most chronic illnesses result from environmental, nutritional, dietary and hormonal causes
  2. Environment, our immune system, endocrine system are all related and constantly interact with our entire body
  3. Since these factors can affect any body organ or target multiple organs simultaneously, you can get illness in any or multiple organ systems
  4. Therefore, Environmental Medicine physician looks at the patient as a whole. That is why in treating these illnesses a holistic approach is needed.

Conditions We Treat

Tourette Syndrome

It is a complex Neurobehavioral disorder

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A group of symptoms and caused by compression

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Physical and behavioral symptoms

Headaches, Migraines and Cluster Headaches

Chronic and sometimes severe pain


A mental state characterized by low mood


Unusual menstrual cycles


A developmental disorder


A group of disorders characterized by short attention span.


Chronic widespread pain associated with tender spots


A condition under which one has trouble falling asleep.

Gastroesophageal Reflux

a condition that results from reflux of stomach acid

Ulcerative Colitis

An inflammatory disease of the colon

Chemical Sensitivity

A condition in which an individual is hypersensitive

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

A condition characterized by abdominal pain

Food Allergies

Sensitivity to certain foods

Crohn’s Disease

An inflammatory bowel disease

Constipation (Adult)

Constipation consists of one or more

Celiac Disease

An autoimmune disease of the small intestine


Pituitary is the master gland that controls thyroid


Excessive bone loss leading to low bone mass

Obesity (Pediatric)

Chronic accumulation of excess body fat in children

Obesity (Adult)

Chronic accumulation of excess body fat

Andropause / Hypogonadism

Sexual dysfunction or infertility associated with low male

Chronic Fatigue

Fatigue that lasts more than six months

Diabetes Mellitus (Type 1)

A condition characterized by reduced insulin production


Absence of menses for 12 consecutive months.


A condition characterized by underproduction of thyroid

Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2)

Diabetes type 2 carries a very high risk

Adrenal Insufficiency

A decline in adrenal hormone levels

Insulin Resistance

A cluster of abnormalities associated with high insulin


Besides cholesterol another form of fatty


Total cholesterol above 200


Condition under which blood pressure is over 140/90


A chronic inflammatory skin condition

Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)

A chronic, recurrent itchy rash

Acne (Acne vulgaris)

Existence of comedones, papules, pustules

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