Education – Not Medication
May 13, 2019
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Education – Not Medication

Our practice specializes in medical care of adults and children suffering from chronic illnesses. Typically, these problems are treated with drugs (sinuses with antihistamines, wheezing with inhalers and headaches with pain killers). This is a temporary fix; that’s how the sick get sicker.

New research shows:

  1. If you are sick, there is always an underlying cause
  2. By finding the cause and treating it, you can feel better, get off drugs, avoid their side effects and save money.

Our emphasis is on patient education — not medication, and learning about the causes, how they affect you and what to do about them

The list of conditions responding to such treatment is growing and includes:

*Hay Fever
*Colitis/Irritable Bowel Syndrome
*Sinus Condition
*Bloating and Stomach upset
*Hives & Eczema
*High Blood pressure
*Skin disorders
*Binge Eating
*Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS)
*Frequent Respiratory Infections in Both Children and Adults
*Hyperactivity and Learning Disorders in Children
*Candidiasis or Recurrent Yeast Infections

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