Allergy Testing

About EHCComprehensive environmental allergy testing to discover causes of your illness. This includes:

  1. Advance allergy testing done by serial dilution testing for inhalant allergy testing like house dust, molds, pollens, animal dander etc. For details, please click here
  2. Advanced skin testing for food allergy by intradermal challenge testing that not only uncovers foods that you are allergic to but also determines treatment dose needed for desensitization. It is a modification of Serial dilution testing as mentioned above
  3. Chemical testing to determine if chemicals may be making you sick at home or workplace
  4. Mold toxicity testing if molds could be responsible for your illness. Molds can cause both physical and mental symptoms
  5. Testing for yeast overgrowth called candida and related molds
  6. Testing for other environmental factors that may be responsible for your symptoms like heavy metals (Lead, Mercury, Cadmium etc.), leaky gut, gut dysbiosis
  7. Work-related environmental sensitivities including molds and chemical toxicity
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