Benefits of Our Approach

Be Virtually Free of Dependence On The Medical System

There are three main benefits of our approach. The following example will make it clear. Let us assume you have headaches. If we can find the cause of your headaches and treat the cause, what will happen to your headaches? These will go away.

  1. So the first benefit is: Getting Rid of Your Symptoms
  2. When your headaches are gone, what will happen to your drug use? You are right-this will go down too. So the second benefit will be: Getting Rid of Your Drugs. Who wants drugs when there are effective alternatives!
  3. When your headaches are gone and drug use has gone down, what will happen to your visits to physicians, pharmacies and emergency room etc? Obviously dependence on them will be reduced. You will be a free person — free of symptoms — free of drugs — virtually free of dependence on the medical system. What will happen to your expenses? These will go down too! What will happen to quality of health? It will improve too.

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