Treatment Methods

We Hold The Key to Successfully Treating Problems

A comprehensive history and a thorough physical examination followed by appropriate tests reveal the underlying causes. Treatment methods depend upon the exact causes that are revealed.

The key to successfully treating problems is figuring out exactly what are the causes that are afflicting you.

Basically causes of chronic illness fall under three broad categories:

  1. Environmental
  2. Hormonal
  3. Nutritional and dietary

Each cause is treated accordingly.

Here is an overview of various treatment options available.

  • Symptomatic treatment: sometimes you may need symptomatic treatment like pain medication for headache, nasal sprays for sinus problems or inhalers for asthma. There is nothing wrong with that. However for more lasting relief you have to treat the underlying cause.
  • Treating Environmental causes: Environmental causes are things we breathe like dust, molds, pollens and animal dander, foods and chemicals. There are two main treatment modalities:
  • Avoidance: avoid things that you are sensitive to like foods, animal dander and dust and molds as much as possible
  • Immunotherapy: however, total avoidance is not always possible such as dust, molds, pollens etc. Here immunotherapy (allergy injections) may be given to combat allergy reactions. A new method of allergy treatment called Serial Dilution Testing provides prompt and effective relief
  • Treating hormonal causes: common causes include hypothyroidism, adrenal insufficiency, female and male hormonal deficiencies. Treatment includes natural hormonal replacement. For insulin resistance low carbohydrate diet is the cornerstone.
  • Treating nutritional and dietary causes: Nutritional deficiencies can be minerals, vitamins, amino-acids and essential fatty acids. Oral supplementation may be sufficient or intravenous administration may be needed.
  • Trigger-point treatment for chronic pain and headaches
  • Chelation treatment for heavy metal toxicity like lead, cadmium and mercury etc.
  • Weight Loss program
  • Detoxification

Treatment Outcome:

Our goal is to see the following results:

  • Significant reduction or elimination of most of your symptoms
  • Significant reduction or elimination of need for various medicines
  • Improvement in psychological well-being.
  • Through appropriate patient education, improvement in the ability to follow treatment protocols and to prevent the development of new illnesses.
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