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Condition Treated: Low thyroid
Symptoms: fatigue
Initials: K.K.
Age: 40
Story: “I suspected for years that I had a low thyroid even though all of my lab tests came back in “normal range”. I have 4 children and work and was not able to keep up with my daily responsibilities of being a mother because my fatigue was so debilitating. I was turned away by so many doctors when I finally decided to do more research on my own to learn about thyroid issues. This led to me finding Dr. Sultan. After only 1 month, I’ve got my full energy back, which has been gone for more than 6 years. Dr. Sultan diagnosis are based on the patient not just the labs.” August 2018
Condition Treated: Congestive Heart Failure and Dilated Cardiomyopathy
Initials: T.C.
Age: 48
Story: “My overall success story with Dr. Sultan has been awesome! I have experienced so many great changes to my body. I am able to move about with not shortness of breath. My energy level has increased and no more tired days! Following, the insulin-resistance wellness program, the program has allowed me to decrease tremendously in my weight. I’m loving the balance and nutritional well-being it has blessed my heart, mind, and soul. I am grateful for the awareness, education, and knowledge of becoming a person with air, water, and food!” December 2018
Condition Treated: Yeast, magnesium, food allergies, dust and mold sensitivity
Symptoms: chronic UTI’s, terrible leg cramps, feeling tired beyond exhaustion, and an inability to lose weight
Initials: M.K.
Age: 66
Story: “For 40 years I have struggled with sinus infections. Nothing seemed to help. I had probably 7 different ENT’s and allergists over those 40 years. Years of shots, nothing really helped. Five years ago my symptoms really amped up and I was diagnosed with inflammatory osteoarthritis (my 5th autoimmune disease). I now had chronic UTI’s, terrible leg cramps, feeling tired beyond exhaustion, and an inability to lose weight. I was miserable and a friend told me to see Dr. Sultan. We found I had low thyroid, candida yeast, dust and mold allergies, and magnesium deficiency. We began to treat these things and I began to feel better. We then tested for food allergies and found I tested positive to all 7 of the major food allergies. I am on a very strict diet but I have lost nearly 60 lbs. and I feel better than I have in 10 years! EHAC (Dr. Sultan) has given me back my life! We finally found the cause of all my health issues.” October 2018
Condition Treated: Magnesium deficiency,
Symptoms: depression, anxiety, night terrors, suicidal ideation
Initials: S.B.
Age: 35
Story: “When I cam e to the office, I had depression, anxiety, night terrors and suicidal thoughts. I was diagnosed with manic depression. I got treated for yeast, low-thyroid, and magnesium deficiency. It has helped me with my depression, fatigue, and I can feel well again.” “Life is simple people make it difficult.” August 2018
Condition Treated: SIFO
Symptoms: lack of energy
Initials: T.P.
Story: “I have been doing treatment for SIFO now for 4 weeks and have seen my symptoms decrease up to 50%. I have more energy and am thinking more clearly than before- this treatment has been more successful thus far than 2 years’ worth of appointments and treatments with my GI Doctor.” August 2018
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